Charlie Chaplin- one of world's phenomenal entertainers had remarked- "I had no idea of the character. But the moment I was dressed, the clothes and the make-up made me feel the person he was".

Yes indeed, make-up can give you the feel of yourself, besides adding to the sheen of your grace, poise and elegance. But, there isn't any hard and fast make-up scheme. Scheme and make-up tips opted for are as much changeable as the occasions you choose to grace.

Use of Make-up

  • As one of the integral parts of grooming, make-up is essential to keep up appearances. Just as it plays its deals in enhancing your beauty assets, similarly it has its roles in making up for your flaws.
  • Whether you are in for a casual get together or that for a black tie event, use of make-up can point to the differences in grooming, flair and flavor.
  • Obviously beach make-up or that meant for picnic will vary from the make-up meant for a religious gathering.
  • As one of the parts and parcel of life and living, there has been a marked shift in perceptions about make-up. From make-up being restricted to the closets of rich and the famous, it has become the common possession of all and sundry.

Make-up and women

  • Beauty may lie in the eyes of beholder but the nexus between women and beauty is irrevocable. If the relation between women and beauty is irreversible, similar is true of the nexus between make-up and women.
  • Whether you are as gorgeous as a cine star or have the look of a girl next door, make-up comes as the delightful cheese topping on a hot and savory burger.
  • It's wonderful for a woman being complimented on her beauty and make- up has its deals in giving poignancy to the beauty. So, that again proves the irreversible bond between make-up and women.
  • Whether you are a computer nerd or the one used to ramps and fashion, the extent and use of make-up will speak volumes of your style statement.
  • In the modern gizmo savvy world make-up does create subtle line of difference between, between success and failure as much as between confidence and lack of it.

Relevance of make-up: make-up meant for interview

  • But in order to cash in on the draws of make-up, you need to analyze its role vis-a-vis the occasion in question.
  • The way you do yourself up alongside of your skin, hairs and nails can be the supporting base of beauty, helping one glimpse into the big picture. That is why the relevant make-up for interview is given much importance. Make up tips that suits your professional life is always to be chosen with utmost care.
  • In order to bring up an image of competence and that of strength, it is important to be prim and prop about your dress, accessories and make-up.
  • Go for a suave blend of sophistication &simplicity, minimizing the use of shimmers or glitters.
  • Make sure that the choice of foundation, compact and blusher gels well with your skin tone.
  • With a purposeful focus on a muted effect, do not go for flashy lipsticks or unnecessary elaboration in eye make-up.
  • Subdued uniformity is the quintessence of make-up meant for interviews.

Make-up meant for office

  • As per an interesting survey, women with make-up are likely to escalate the corporate ladder faster than the so called simpletons without any.
  • Without focusing on gaudy exuberance, focus of make-up meant for office should be rather on uniformity & blend that takes you through the day.
  • The chosen packages for eyes, cheeks and lips should be feature enhancing rather than for mesmerizing.
  • While the chosen base of foundation shouldn't be soggy or pasty, colors meant for eyes and lips should aim at soothing subtlety. It is always advisable that you carry your own make up kit with you that has all the necessary items that could be of a timely use.

Make-up meant for marriages and night parties

  • The ceremonious occasion of marriage followed by parties offers you the golden opportunity to put across oodles of charm and colorful glow.
  • For marriage and night parties, you can go for a gaudy exuberance of glitters and colors, but make best use of concealing agents to do away with zits, dabs and dark circles.
  • Gaudy flow of colors and blushes will fall through on a face marked by zits and flaws.
  • Color theme for eyes, lips and blushful dabs mustn't only reflect a perfect blend, but should fall in line with the colorful interplay of dress and jewelry.

Make-up scheme for religious ceremony

  • With uniform focus on eye, lips and facial tone- make-up scheme for religious ceremony should uphold a look of calm serenity rather than gleeful radiance.
  • Earthy shades of color with touches of peach and rusty cream should guide the essence of make-up scheme for religious ceremony.

Make-up scheme for beach

  • Make it simple and casual involving the minimum use of blushes and glows.
  • Make-up scheme for beach should have a sun protective base, use of water-resistant mascara is also mandatory.
  • Same is true of make-up meant for summer.