“Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.” 

Image Source: Prokerala

If you don't like or drink coffee, it may be just the time to follow the above saying and add coffee to your diet. You may not know how much a cup of coffee can lend a positive lifestyle change for overall wellbeing. 

This was discovered by scientists at the  American Heart Association when they found in a study that a single cup of coffee was effective enough to reduce the chances of stroke by 20 percent. 

Furthermore, regular intake even benefits the cardiovascular health. So kick-start your morning with a sip of this drink.

And for those who are obsessed with coffee, here is one more reason why can you enjoy your cuppa of coffee with no guilt at all!

The Humble Healthy Coffee

Medical research found that Latino Whites, Americans- Africans, Japanese- Americans who are 'addicted' to coffee suffer from lesser occurrences of heart strokes, kidney diseases, cancer, other heart diseases and respiratory problems.

The Coffee Irony

It shows that coffee contains antioxidants that help fight away the cancerous growth of cells in the human body.

Alongside, the age-old myths of coffee drinking problems like stunted growth, heartburns, and stomach ulcers can be dropped of as research reveals no ill effects of daily coffee intake.

The chemical compounds in the coffee beans are the real reason for helping the body stay healthy and fight against diseases like type 2 diabetes, neuro-related diseases and even prevent from suicide.

Note: Having said that, a person can have about 2 cups of coffee per day. Anything beyond that, could have side effects like addiction. So, control your control cravings!

Also, pregnant women need to have nothing more than 1 cup or so, as it could have a negative effect on the mother and baby.

Nonetheless, we encourage you to sip your refreshing cups of coffee and start your day enthusiastically!