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Benefits of chewing gum !!

One of the only foods out there in the world that can make you straight up look cool is the chewing gum or literally chewing...gum. Ask a person why they like chewing gum so much and expect no specific answer that you would love to hear. People chew chewing gum for pleasure, the flavor a chewing gum has to offer, sometimes to kill the time, or maybe because they just want to have something to chew on or maybe simply cos they love chewing gum. Oh and not to forget chewing gum’s cousin, the bubble gum and why do we love bubble gums, well you know for obvious reasons….the bubble duh !!

But did you guys ever think of the secret benefits chewing gums can provide? Not really huh. Did you know that chewing gums could actually give you health benefits Well here are few benefits that chewing can provide? Read and find out what they are. 

Chewing gum can help you concentrate !!

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Chewing gum can help you concentrate !!

Finding it hard to pay attention to something, Or maybe you just can’t concentrate on anything you try to put your mind into. Well, then there is a sticky solution for that too. It's so good that the next time you try to concentrate on something your minds is probably gonna be glued to whatever it is you’re doing. Chew some chewing gum, and see the difference.

Researchers have found that chewing gum can actually let you stay focused for longer periods on tasks that require continuous monitoring. Previous studies have found that chewing gum can improve concentration in visual related memory tasks.

A study was carried out which included 38 individuals who were split into 2 groups. They were made to listen to a 30-minute audio task which included listening to a list of numbers. The participants were evaluated based upon how quickly and accurately they could detect a sequence of od0even numbers. They were also given a questionnaire regarding the changes in their mood both before and after the task.

The results showed that the individuals who chewed gum-

    • Had quicker reaction times
    • They were also more accurate

These results were made in comparison to the non-chewers.

Researchers concluded that by chewing gum, it could help people to focus more on tasks that require continuous monitoring over a longer period of time. The study was carried out by researchers from the British Psychological Society. 

Chewing gum can reduce snack cravings !!

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Chewing gum can reduce snack cravings !!

Sometimes it can be so hard when you just want to get a bite of your favorite piece of chocolate cake but you’re not supposed to cos you just remembered that it would break your strict diet routine you carefully maintained for the past 3 months. But now you may just be able to control that urge a little longer if you simply tried chewing some chewing gum.

Researchers conducted an experiment consisting of 115 men and women between the ages of 18 and 54 all of whom were gum chewers. They visited the laboratory twice once for the gum condition and the other for no gum condition. During each of their visits, the subjects were given sandwiches during their lunchtime. The sandwich had enough nutrients to account for one-fourth of their recommended daily caloric intake. After finishing the meal they had to spend the next 3 hours chewing sugar-free gum for 15 minutes hourly for three hours or could withdraw from chewing gum. 

Next, they had to fill questionnaires which rated their self-perceived levels of hunger, cravings for snacks and energy levels. 3 hours later after having lunch, they were offered a variety of snacks including high sugar foods and high complex carbohydrate foods that contained either high or low fat.

Individuals were then told that they could choose and eat as much as they wanted from the snacks offered to them. The following results were observed -

    • Individuals who chewed gum, on average, reported significantly reduced feelings of hunger and cravings for sweet snacks.
    • Gum chewers felt that they maintained energy levels throughout the afternoon.
    • Individuals felt less drowsy at hours 2 and 3 before the afternoon snack.

According to one researcher, the study demonstrated the potential role chewing gum can play in appetite control, reducing one’s snack cravings and even weight management. Small changes in calorie intake can still have an impact in the long term. Chewing gum could be a much easier alternative or a much more practical tool for managing sweet snacks consumption and cravings.

 Chewing Gum can eliminate bacteria causing bad breath !! 

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Chewing Gum can eliminate bacteria causing bad breath !!

You guys probably like to slip in a chewing gum inside your mouth when you’re not quite sure if it's that air producing a stinky odor or whether if it's your mouth giving out that foul breath. Start chewing some gum and everything feels much better. You'd even get this sudden burst of confidence the moment you feel a cold breeze coming out of your mouth.

Researchers have found out that a certain gum reduced the bacteria in the mouth that caused bad breath. This particular gum contained cinnamic aldehyde, a plant essential oil that was used for flavoring. Laboratory tests showed that these oils prevented the growth of three species of oral bacteria that was associated with bad breath along with the production of volatile compounds that caused the foul smell. 

A study was carried out in which 15 individuals were instructed to chew one of three chewing gums for a period of 20 minutes: Big Red, a chewing gum that contained the oil, another big red gum without the oil and an ordinary gum with neither the flavors nor the oil. 20 minutes later, the individuals stopped chewing the gum and their saliva was tested and compared with samples collected before they started chewing the gum. 

The following results were noted -

    • The Big Red chewing gum reduced around more than 50 % of anaerobic bacteria in the saliva.
    • It was particularly effective against anaerobic bacteria present at the back of the tongue reducing the population by 43 %.
    • The gum that contained natural flavors without the oil also reduced the number of bacteria by about 40 %.
    • Whereas the gum without both the flavors or the oil didn't cause any significant reduction in oral bacteria

The so-called bacteria was responsible for producing volatile sulfur compounds throughout the putrefaction of proteins and are considered the major contributors to bad breath. 

Researchers found that sometimes it wasn’t just the oil but the natural flavor carried a small amount of plant extract, that suppressed the growth of oral pathogens. One of the researchers concluded by saying that while chewing gum can make it functional food, it can also have a significant impact on oral hygiene over the short term.

Especially if the chewing gum contains antimicrobial agents such as cinnamic aldehyde or other natural active compounds. Chewing gums like these don’t just mask foul mouth odor but can also eliminate the bacteria that causes it for a period of time. The study was carried out by researchers from The University of Illinois at Chicago.