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The benefits of Washing hands !!

Your hands taking a small waterfall shower under a tap mighty not be enough if you really want to say that you’ve washed your hands well before you enjoy a hearty meal. Washing hands alone is an art and has to be done with beauty and patience my friend. A small rub with a wet cloth over a dusty surface is never going to make it dust free, The same way a quick pour of water over your hands is never going to make your hands germ free. 

Did you know that those little germs that lie on your hands, no I'm not talking about the animated germs you see on hand wash ads, the real ones, these guys alone can bring some of the most serious illnesses upon you? Like how the sting of a bee can provide so much pain, these little germs can affect you not just on your skin but they can bring diseases that can affect you deep down your insides. 

We’ll tell you some of the few benefits of washing your hands properly. And probably even change your minds about how washing hands alone can make you less pessimistic in life. Read on to find out more.

Washing hands can help stop the spread of contagious diseases !!

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Washing hands can help stop spread of contagious diseases !!

It's true. Sometimes illnesses and other contagious diseases don’t just spread through coughs and sneezes alone. Sometimes it has also got to do with your unclean hands.  Cos your hands just might be the sanctuary for viruses and hordes of bacteria.

It was also noted that people missed certain regions of the hands when they washed their hands.

    • the region under the fingernails   
    • the cracks between fingers

To prove this theory, researchers first brought in a hand washing training kit that used a cream containing a harmless dye that glowed green in ultraviolet light to uncover the truths of incomplete hand washing. Next, they put a certain amount of cream on people’s hands instructed them to wash their hands. 

Results showed -

When the participants came back, they found out that there was still a glowing green dye that remained on their fingers. Had the dye been an infectious microbe, they would definitely have passed it on to someone else.

The team even used a glowing cream to show how viruses such as the one that causes colds and flu can survive on hard surfaces and be spread from hand to hand. Just by touching a knob that had a little bit of the glowing cream smeared on it, made people’s hands green when observed under a UV light. Eventually, when they touched another person’s hand, the green glow got passed on again.

This particular test conducted by researchers have proved that viruses can spread from hand to hand and even by touching contaminated surfaces. The research was carried out by a team from the Society for General Microbiology.

 Hand-washing can reduce Diarrhea episodes by about one third !!

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Hand-washing can reduce Diarrhea episodes by about one third !!

Sometimes it isn’t just the bad food that causes this illness. Your hands alone can contain the germs that can lead to this condition. 

Researchers have found that even b promoting the simple act of hand washing can save lives in many developing countries. This can be as simple as teaching people about hand washing which can ultimately reduce the incidence of diarrhea by up to 30 %. Its effect could be equal to providing access to clean water.

Researchers summed up the results of 14 studies of hygiene promotion practices in institutions, community organizations, and homes. Eight studies monitored 7,711 individuals in institutions such as daycare centers in high-income countries. Five community-based studies with 8055 individuals took place in low and middle-income countries and one study analyzed the practices of 148 individuals of a high-risk group of aids patients. 

The results showed that the intervention programs promoting hand washing resulted in a -

    • 29 % reduction in diarrhea episodes in high-income counties.
    • 31 % reduction in diarrhea episodes in communities in the low and middle-income countries. 

Infection by the germs that cause diarrhea include - 

    • Consuming contaminated food or drinks 
    • Person-to-person contact
    • Direct contact with feces.

One study found that hand contact with ready-to-eat food consumed without further washing or cooking could e even more effective at transmitting germs than food that is prepared and cooked at home.

What does WHO say? 

According to the World Health Organization -

    • It estimates that diarrhea is responsible for 2.2 million deaths annually.
    • It affects children especially under the ages of 5.
    • It is an important cause of malnutrition in resource-poor countries
    • If persistent, it can contribute to decreased resistance to infection, and hamper children’s growth and development.

The" was carried out by Regina Ejeot of the University of Caliber in Nigeria.

 Washing hands with cool water is as effective as hot water in removing germs !!

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Washing hands with cool water is as effective as hot water in removing germs !!

If you guys thought that washing your hands with hot water purified you from germs, well its time you reshape your beliefs. Cos cool water may just be as beneficial as hot water when it comes to destroying germs.

The study also particularly stressed on the topic of water energy, since using cool water saved more energy than warm or hot water. However, many states who follow FDA guidelines specifically say that the water temperature for hand washing should be 100 degrees. Whereas researchers think that temperature doesn’t make a difference and that this alone could be wasting energy to heat water to a  level that may be unnecessary.

Researchers conclude by saying that when it comes to washing hands, the temperature of the water doesn’t always matter. Also, washing hands for a minimum time of 10 seconds would be the ideal time required to remove the bacteria from the hands.

Washing hands can make you more optimistic !!

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Washing hands can make you more optimistic !!

The next time you feel dull, or if you have negative thoughts flooding in inside your minds, try washing your hands. You’ll become more positive. Researchers have found out that washing our hands alone can influence our thoughts, judgments, and decisions.

An experiment was carried out in which  98 volunteers were assigned to 3 groups. Volunteers from the first 2groups  were instructed to solve an impossible task. The results showed that -

    • The groups who after failing washed their hands and performed better the 2nd time.
    • The group that didn’t wash their hands at all were still optimistic and also did better the 2nd time. 

However, the optimism levels of the group who washed their hands seemed to be much higher.

According to one researcher, here is what happens after a person experience after washing their hands - 

    • Physical cleansing after failure may eliminate negative feelings
    • But it may also reduce the motivation to try harder in a new test situation to restore an individual’s own perception of competence.

Physical cleansing seemed to result in assisting a person to be in a better position to deal with failure. The study was carried out by Junior Professor for Social and Media Psychology Dr. Kai Kaspar from the University of Cologne.