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Bad breath: Its Causes and a few Treatments !!

Today is your big day. You’re wearing your best outfit, got your shiny polished shoes on, hair is all perfectly in place. You’re all set for your day. The day goes by, as you confidently stride in the halls of your workplace, greeting every single person you come across with a  smile. Then you head over to a conversation and it's your turn to give out your highly valued intelligent opinion and things are still going beautifully, but wait a minute. You’re sure you saw a tiny little expression on your colleague’s face that resembled a little bit of disgust for a fraction of a second. What was that all about ??? You see 2 more of your buddies just turning away their heads like as if they suddenly wanted to hear no more of this conversation.

And that's when you just realized that you disposed your empty toothpaste the previous day and forgot about buying a new one. Plus you had a really delicious heavy dinner of kebabs last night. Your day just got ruined thanks to your breath !! Just like how you present yourself, your breath does the job of presenting you. While your fresh scented breath, may not always get the desired attention, never think people wouldn’t notice a foul smelling breath. 

Read out below and find out a few reasons as to how bad breath occurs and easy remedies for treating the condition of bad breath. 

Overweight people are more likely to have bad breath !!

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Overweight people more likely to have bad breath !!

If you thought being overweight isn’t going to tarnish your good looks, it wouldn’t, but an attractive person with bad breath is surely something people don’t usually appreciate.

Researchers have found a direct link between obesity and bad breath and it goes, if the individual is more overweight, the more likely the person is going to have foul breath. Previous studies showed that alcohol and foul breath were connected but no one ever thought that obesity’s after-effects could also include bad breath. 

In a study carried out by researchers consisting of 88 adults, it was found that overweight individuals were more likely to have foul smelling breath.  There are several reasons for this particular connection. 

    • Obese individuals may have an unhealthy style of diet that promotes the condition of dry mouth 
    • Obese individuals sometimes can show less concern about oral hygiene or taking care of their mouths and their bodies. 

Mythological Origins of Halitosis 

While global obesity might be a modern invention, bad breath has existed way before time. And dates back to thousands of years ago.  

    • One researcher found out that one of the earliest reports of bad breath dates back to Ancient Egypt.  It was believed that in ancient Rome, a man called Cosmos sold breath-freshening agents
    • Another one includes texts from a Jewish scripture, which stated that a priest wasn’t allowed to perform holy rituals or duties in the Temple if they had bad breath.
    • In the cases of newlywed grooms, a person could stop the marriage on their wedding night if one of them discovered that their partner had bad breath 
    • During the ancient times, a person who had bad breath was looked upon by people like how they would look at someone affected with leprosy.

Checking your own breath isn’t quite possible !!

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Checking your own breath isn’t quite possible !!

While people are aware of the problem of bad breath and may very well be concerned or cautious whether they have one, it isn’t actually easy for one to find out if they have bad breath or not. 

According to one researcher, individuals should be aware of a few basic reasons that are the most common causes of starting a  bad breath. They are -

    • Dry mouth 
    • Poor dental hygiene
    • A morning cup of coffee
    • Obesity

Individuals who come across their family members who have foul breath should be told about the same. While it initially may be embarrassing,, it would be wised to do so cos foul breath could also be a sign that they may be suffering from some kind of disease.  

The research was carried out by breath expert Prof. Mel Rosenberg from the Department of Human Microbiology and The Maurice and Gabriela Goldshleger School of Dental Medicine, Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.

Tongue scrapers only slightly reduce bad breath !!

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Tongue scrapers only slightly reduce bad breath !!

Bad breath is a common problem people have to deal with in day-to-day life. With the wide variety of substances that journey through our mouths daily, a problem like bad breath is kinda inevitable. Sometimes people may come up with solutions like avoiding junk foods and drinks. While the other may try up techniques like chewing gum, gurgling their mouths with mouthwash or maybe simply eat mint candy just to temporarily mask their mouth’s unpleasant odor. Unfortunately, these are just temporary measures and some people may just not be able to escape from this disorder at all. 

Researchers have attributed this condition to Halitosis. Here are a few terms normally related to bad breath -

    • Halitosis is a term is used to describe any disagreeable odor of expired air. 
    • People use the term bad breath as a way of describing foul smells coming from the mouth.  
    • Oral malodor is a term used to describe unpleasant smells from the originating from the oral cavity.

According to a researcher, a common reason for bad breath is post-nasal drip, which coats the back area of the tongue with bacteria-rich mucus. 

But how useful are tongue scrapers when it comes to bad breath reduction?

    • A tongue scraper is often effective in relieving oral malodor caused by sinus drainage.
    • Tongue scrapers displayed as a significant difference in decreasing volatile sulfur compounds ( VSC) levels,  which are produced when bacteria and amino acids interact to produce bad breath.
    • Tongue scrapers can reduce VSC concentration, subsequently decreasing oral malodor.
    • Bacteria-causing halitosis can be decreased by brushing or scraping the middle or back portion of the tongue.

However, some of these techniques only benefit an individual in the short term and isn’t the final best solution for permanently eliminating malodor. 

According to researchers tongue scrapers  are only

    • They are beneficial or good enough tool to use in the short term. 
    • Tongue cleaners or scrapers are straightforward and comfortable to use.
    • They are easy to transport.
    • They aren’t that expensive and are affordable.

Both children and adults should be able to incorporate this technique into their oral care routine. The research was carried out by Dr. June Lee.

Sweet Magnolia: Tree bark extract fights bad breath !!

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Sweet magnolia: Tree bark extract fights bad breath !!

Sweet magnolia while famously known for its sweet smelling fragrance has other additional benefits, one which has to with countering the problems of human breath. Scientists have recently found that the breath mints made with magnolia bark extract has the ability to kill most oral bacteria that is responsible for bad breath and tooth decay within 30 minutes. This extract could be used as an ingredient in chewing gum or mints which could aid people to maintain their oral health.

Individuals usually consume or prefer chewing gum and mints to fight off bad breath. However products like these only temporarily mask the odor of bad breath which is caused by bacteria. Other antibacterial products may not help clear the problem and worse, can also have side effects like tooth staining.

A study was conducted in which the researchers tested the germ-killing power of magnolia bark extract using saliva samples taken from individuals after they had a regular meal. The following results were found -

    • Mints containing the extract killed more than 61 percent of the germs that caused bad breath within a period of 30 minutes. 
    • There was only a 3.6 germ kill for the same flavorless mints without the extract. 
    • The extract also displayed strong antibacterial activity against a group of bacteria that was primarily known to cause cavities. 

Researchers conclude by saying that mints and chewing gum containing the extract may also provide a portable oral care supplement to toothpaste or tooth powder where the bristles of the brush can’t reach areas located deep within the teeth region.

The research was carried by Minmin Tian and Michael Greenberg.

Drinking Milk can prevent garlic breath !!

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Drinking Milk can prevent garlic breath !!

Looking for a way to remove the nasty smelling garlic breath that just won’t leave you., well then try drinking a glass of milk !! Researchers have found in a study that drinking milk while eating garlic-heavy food can decrease the malodorous breath linked with garlic consumption. 

Garlic is an excellent source of magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin and selenium and is reported to have many health benefits. On the downside it also contains a high amount of sulfur compounds, which are indirectly responsible for the characteristic odor or in words, it may just be the prime suspect in the bad breath case.

Both fat-free and whole milk reduced the concentration of volatile odor emitting compounds from garlic in the nose and mouth. Due to its higher fat content property, whole milk was found to be more effective. While drinking milk after eating a garlic filled meal can still help,  studies found out that drinking a glass of milk during the meal can much better results.

The study was carried out by the researchers from the Department of the Food and Science Technology at The Ohio State University.