A common dermatological condition, dark circles are marked by the presence of circular patches of darkness around the eyes. While mostly dark circles occur as patchy circular marks surrounding the eyes; in a few cases puffiness or swelling may give rise to circular patches. Technically known as ‘per orbital hyper pigmentation’, dark circles are marked by excess production of melanin around eyes.

Causes of Dark Circles

  • Heredity plays a major role as far as those unattractive dark circles are concerned with inherent transparency of the skin being a major factor.
  • Scientifically speaking the transparency of the skin contributes to the formation of dark circles with veins closer to the surface producing the dark coloration.
  • People born with deep bony structures, are prone to having dark circles with shadowing underneath their eyes.
  • Dark circles may occur as symptom of diseases and allergic reactions. Diseases such as ‘hay fever’, ‘asthma’ and allergic reactions to different forms of food may give rise to dark circles.
  • It is also associated with skin disease such as ‘eczema’.
  • Medications making way for the dilation of blood vessels may also expose blood vessels which in turn will contribute to the looks of dark circles.
  • Lack of hemoglobin content leading to anemia may also give rise to patchy circles of darkness.
  • Paleness triggered by fatigue and absence of sleep are the other causative factors.
  • Malfunctioning of liver can also be predicted with the occurrences of dark circles.
  • Loss of collagen- an important ingredient contributing to the vitality and luster of skin can also be responsible for the occurrence of dark circles.
  • Puffiness or swelling in and around eyes on account of various physiological factors including excess retention of fluid, may also give rise to dark circles.
  • Bruises or injuries suffered by eyes may also cause dark circles.
  • Constant exposure of eyes to the damaging rays of sun may also give rise to dark circles with the protective epidermal layer getting destroyed to expose the veins underneath
  • Lack of proper nutrition including that of Vitamin K may give rise to dark circles.

Types of dark circles

  • Dark circles caused owing to various factors are basically of two types. The one showing itself as a patchy black coloration encircling the eye.
  • The other existing as a demarcated area of puffiness.

Symptoms & Effects of Dark Circles

  • In spite of not giving rise to symptoms of pain and physical irritation; it becomes a major threat to the areas of beauty and style statement.
  • Women and those involved with show biz are generally affected by those ugly looking dark circles.
  • The disgusting looks created by them basically undermine the rejuvenated feel of an individual personality.
  • In contrast to healthy look of vitality, a person looks pale and devitalized.

Treatment for Dark Circles - Self Care to Prevent Dark Circles

  • As far as allopathic medication goes there is no direct remedial option catering to the treatment of dark circles.
  • The application of ointment based on Vitamin K has been found effective in reducing the conditions of puffiness and excess pigmentation.
  • One has to treat the underlying or root cause giving rise to dark circles.
  • In cases of physiological or other dermatological reasons making way for dark circles, one has to treat the underlying disease causing it to happen.
  • Other than these, adequate sleep and nutritionally balanced diet are effective ways whereby one can indirectly overcome the ugly looks of dark circles.
  • Certain naturopathic techniques geared to skin care and beauty care regimen also insists on the need for the rejuvenation of skin.
  • The techniques also highlight the importance of detoxifying the body so as to overcome the conditions of dark circles.
  • Herbal capsules enshrining the goodness of natural herbs such as ‘hariraki’ and ‘amlaki’ are recommended for the purpose of detoxification which in turn may make way for the removal of dark circles.
  • As part of herbal techniques certain under eye creams and gels are also recommended.
  • Light and gentle tapping of the affected area can also partly help to overcome the effects of dark circles by making way for proper circulation.
  • One needs to be advised against scratching or applying bleach to overcome those conditions because chemical reaction may be permanently damaging for the soft textured under eye tissues.
  • You may go for an aloe based moisturizer to be applied on the dark circles. The area will not only be moisturized but the aloe content of it will serve to rejuvenate the tainted areas.
  • Consumption of salt should be minimized as salt serves to dehydrate the body; rather plentiful helpings of citrus and fruits enriched with antioxidants and Vitamin C should be taken.
  • Consumption and application of juice extracted from cucumber is considered to be one of the best natural remedies for dark circles. Equally rejuvenating is the effect of potato juice being applied to the dull looking eyes tainted by dark circles.
  • Overcoming stress by means of meditation can also turn out to be an effective means with regard to the treatment of dark circles.