Characterized by a loud and unpleasant sound; snoring caused during sleep is the result of obstruction in the passage of air while sleeping. The vibration of the respiratory organs manifests itself as harsh sounding unpleasant sound on account of the blockage in the passage of air.

Causes of Snoring

  • The respiratory organs of uvula and soft palate may be blocked because of the following reasons.
  • Weakness of the throat muscles causing the closure of throat during sleep.
  • Muscular tension leading to the mispositioning of jaw may act as a blockage on the way to the passage of air, which in turn may give way to snoring.
  • Deposition of fat in and around the throat may also give way to snoring.
  • Besides the above mentioned factors, obstruction in the nasal passage, overexposure to alcohol and drugs resulting in the relaxation of throat muscles, enlargement of tonsils and lying on ones back may give way to snoring.

Symptoms of Snoring

  • In spite of snoring being a minor disease; it can spell disastrous effects for the sleeper as well as those sleeping with him.
  • Apart from causing disturbance in marital happiness, snorer may suffer from a sense of social inferiority.
  • According to the latest scientific research snoring has also been associated with susceptibility to stroke and brain damage.
  • Research has also shown how snoring gives way to the irritation of blood cells, thereby causing accumulation of fatty deposits in the blood vessels.
  • Snoring may be accompanied by the presence of a complex phenomenon by the name of 'sleep apnea'.

Snoring Diagnoses & Incidence of Snoring

  • Snoring which is directly proportional to person's age is generally prevalent amongst fifty percent of adult population.
  • It can be diagnosed and identified by the sleeper accompanying the afflicted person.
  • Detailed analysis of the concerned patient's sleeping pattern can turn out to be a positive basis of diagnoses.
  • Nasal, throat and ear passages are checked to detect the source causing blockage.

Treatment for Snoring

  • Treatment with regard to snoring aims at clearing the source of blockage, having ascertained the underlying cause.
  • Treatment seeking to control smoking is also geared to the weight control of the snorer so that the fatty deposits around throat do not act as impediment giving way to snoring.
  • Apart from the use of sprays seeking to clear nasal blockage; clips and strips can also be used as anti snoring option.
  • Mispositioned jaw leading to snoring is sometimes corrected by means of dental device. The device or clips make for the advancement of lower jaw so that the tongue is positioned forward. Relocation of jaw as well as the tongue acts as an antidote to snoring.
  • As the last resort surgery seeking to restructure deformities in the respiratory structure is embarked upon.
  • With narrow nasal passage contributing to snoring, there are nasal strips and medications available to overcome the concerned problem.
  • Use of saline nasal sprays will serve to clean and hydrate the nasal lining.
  • Flexible guards made of plastic may be pushed into your nostrils to facilitate wider space for free breathing. The guards meant for the nostrils will make for a snore free sleep.
  • Decongestants meant for the nose can also come in as a handy option so that the menace of snoring can be curbed.
  • To overcome the effects of sleep apnea which may occur alongside of snoring; clinical administration of “Continuous positive airways pressure” has been found to be effective.

Self Care and Natural Treatment for Snoring

  • Apart from the clinical remedies suggested above, a few natural and less risky options are also available.
  • Changing the bed and that of the sleeping position may come in handy with the snorer going in for the requisite elevation by means of a raised pillow.
  • Sometimes use of too many pillows can give way to snoring on account of the constriction of the air passage.
  • It is always advisable to use one pillow while sleeping.
  • Lying on ones side rather than the back may be effective from the point of view of the snorer.
  • In keeping with the various lines of naturopathic treatments acupressure and acupuncture have also been found effective from the point of view of controlling snoring.
  • In case one is prone to snoring, he/she should resist from the consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs which make for the relaxation of throat muscles because relaxation of throat muscles facilitate snoring.
  • Smoking also is not conducive to snore free sleep.
  • Sometimes changes brought about in the environment of the room along with that of the sleeping position may make for blissfully sound sleeping pattern without those ugly snores.
  • Exercise involving the jaw opening similar to the movements made while singing may help you overcome the impeding blockage; provided you exercise regularly.
  • If smoking still persists in spite of the use of remedial measures; it is important that you go for a thorough check up because there may exist in it the germs of an insidious disease.