Is there any one who can deny that eyes are the major link to the world outside? In fact of all the sense organs that we have the pair of eyes mounted in the front part of our skull is the most useful. Eyes not only help us enjoy the colors and the lights of the world and absorb the world in its full flavor but they also help us to take evasive actions against the potential dangers that might come in our way. Yet we the modern working population who need to be extra cautious about our eyes remain blissfully ignorant about eye care and go on neglecting them until the damage become irreversible. For such flustered souls a genre of eye care products are available in the market from reputed companies.

Products For Eye Care

Various eye care products are now available in the market to help eye care. They range of UV protect glasses to shield harmful UV rays, the anti-glare glasses to shield the radiation from bright computer screens, the artificial tears to lubricate the eyes, some natural food supplements to nourish eyes and even goggles to retain the moist heat and thus keep the eye lubricated. The contact lenses are also available for various purpose both cosmetic as well as for corrective treatments or myopia, hypermetropia etc. The traditional spectacles are also at hand to protect the eyes.

Eye Drops - Artificial Tear Drops

One of the greatest hazards that happens to the eyes is the Dry Eye Syndrome. It has been seen that people who spend long hours sitting in front of the computers generally develop this kind of a symptom. It has been seen that computer users forget to blink while staring continuously at the VDU or computer screen. Such an action prevents the eyes from being washed at regular intervals. It thus cause a condition called the dry eye syndrome. This condition causes the eyes to smart, and develop irritation, redness and pain and headache. Fifty percent of the computer users experience such conditions. For such people artificial tear drops are available in the market. If the drops contain preservatives doctors advise patients to use them sparingly but if they are without it they can be used frequently. The drops can be plain saline solutions or contain steroids or antihistamines or anti inflammatory drugs for specific treatment of diseases. Some of the products available in the markets are Sunways Artificial Tears composed of hypromellose, benzalkonium chloride solution which soothes and lubricates the eyes giving comfort and reducing stress. Opticrom Forte is another artificial tear drop solution. Ultra gel lubricant eye drops, occufresh lubricating eye drops are some other products.

Vitamins for Eye Care and Eye Health

It has now been observed that eyes also need nutrients for its healthy functioning. Thus not all medicines which are administered directly into the eyes are always effective one need to consume internally some dietary supplements for healthy eyes. They include certain vitamins, phytochemicals, and some essential minerals. For example vitamin c , vitamin E and beta-carotene and zinc in blended combination reduces the risks for age related eye problems. Some products that cater to such supplements are Lutein nutritional supplements made from marigold flowers, the Zeaxanthin supplements also helps. Selenium is another form of supplement and is a part of antioxidant enzyme the eyes naturally contain. Zinc, copper, manganese are also essential nutrients. Sunways products namely Eye Vital and Eye Vital LX are all anti oxidant capsules for nutritional supplements.

Contact Lens

Placed on the cornea of the eye contact lenses work exactly like a pair of looking glass without spoiling the look of a man and especially a woman. At first it was the age of the rigid contact lenses. but the modern contact lenses are soft. Contact lenses are classified into various types based on its characteristics like soft or rigid; by its wear type like daily wear or extended wear; by its life span it is classified as disposable or planned replacement or conventional and finally by its corrective nature as spherical, astigmatic, bifocal or toric. The popular brands of contact lenses available in the market are from the reputed manufacturers like the Bausch & Lomb, the Cibavision, the Johnson & Johnson, the CooperVision, the Fresh Look, and the Biomedics. Various products that keep the lenses clean are also available. Opti-Free Replenish from Alcon is there to maintain a moisture shield between the lenses and the eye. Opti-Free Express is for cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses.

Various other eye care products are also available. ICAPS is an eye vitamin from Alcon that reduces the eye stress protects eye damage. The Cibavisions’ AQuify Long Lasting Comfort Drops maintain the moisture in the eyes and provides temporary relief from irritation due to wearing contact lenses.

With all such products available one should be discreet in choosing the right product for him preferably in consultation with an Ophthalmologist.