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How to lose weight fast and safely

With the issue of weight loss becoming more a style oriented whim, the whole idea needs to be given a scientific orientation rather than an input of style statement. Whether at all you need to lose weight is a point worth reckoning before deliberating how to go about the same. Scientifically speaking, body mass index should be given an important deal before embarking upon the all so exciting prospect of weight loss. But even, if your BMI exceeds a given quotient the prospect of weight loss should be ventured into with safe cautiousness.

Why at all should you lose weight- these are the reasons to ponder

  • In case, you are genetically susceptible to hypertension, cardiac ailment and weight oriented ailment, there are reasons to think seriously about losing weight.
  • Belly fat and unequal distribution of weight needs to be seriously thought about. Similarly, circumference of waist is a point worth considering.
  • Health profile including high cholesterol, diabetic condition and that of hypertension are reasons good enough for weight loss.
  • There are people who are more prone to gaining weight than others. At times susceptibility to weight gain might run in the family. Such circumstances do merit consideration of weight loss as well.

Causes of being overweight

  • Other than being a genetic trait, causes of being overweight are attributable to hormonal imbalance such as hyper/hypo thyroidism.
  • Low metabolism is another issue to reckon with. It not only adds to your weight but also becomes an impediment to the prospect of weight loss.
  • But overeating and for that matter unhealthy food habits, lack of physical exercise play major deals in weight gain.

How to lose weight fast and safe- the bare essentials

  • The paradigm of weight loss revolves around burning calories in higher amount than what is taken in. Given by this formula, certain amount of discrepancy needs to be maintained between the amount consumed and the amount burnt out.
  • Combination of lesser calories higher level of physical activity is bound to result in quick weight loss.
  • According to the weight trainers and dieticians discrepancy to the approximate measure of five hundred calories over a period of day is going to result in weight loss. The measured weight loss in a week’s time is expected to be around two pounds.
  • But then if you want to make the process even faster, the mentioned level of deficit needs to be further reduced by consuming less and burning out more.
  • Calorie intake to the tune of 1000-1100 is good and safe enough for body weight. But that should be accompanied by an hour or two of physical exercise.

How to lose weight fast as well as in a safe way

  • Now that you know why you are overweight and when you need to go about the prospect of losing weight quickly, there are reasons to deliberate on the easy and safe weight losing measures.
  • Give up on the consumption of aerated or carbonated soft drinks; instead opt for the consumption of water. Water is one of the effective remedial measures. You need to drink as many as eight glasses of water in a day. But overdrinking of water should also be avoided.
  • At times fad diets centering mainly on lemonade, soup, or cabbage contributes to fast loss of weight.
  • Combination of dietary tricks and rigorous physical exercising also adds to the rapidity of the weight loss program.
  • But irrespective of the means adopted, it is important to seek the consultation of a weight trainer, dietician or physician as you go about the same fast and furious.

Dietary tips for losing weight fast and safe

  • Thumb rule gears to filling yourself with fiber rich vegetable low in caloric content. That will give you a nice and full feel, but at the same time it will live up to the essential paradigm of weight loss.
  • Keep yourself away from fried delicacy and other tempting assortment of goodies. Ultimately it will help fulfill your needs for making it fast and furious.
  • Make it a point never to skip meals. The concept of three meals should never be compromised on. But overstuffing in course of the three square meals should be avoided.
  • As said previously, overstuffing with fiber rich assortment of fruits and veggies can be opted for. But cut down on the consumption of refined carbohydrate and starched items.
  • Snacking on fruits counts amongst the dietary tips for losing weight fast and safe.
  • As far as milk and dairy products are concerned choice of double toned milk and yogurt low in fat can be some of the dietary alternatives.
  • Regular involvement in physical activities such as brisk walking, yoga and stretching exercises needs mention in the fast and safe weight loss plan as well