Hair is one of the unique features setting out mammals from other classes of organism. The externally visible- hair shaft which is essentially dead originates from follicles. Tissues deep inside follicles contribute to the growth of hair. The essential deadness of hair shafts calls for added care and attention. On account of its deadness, it lacks the ability of natural revival. Moreover by caring for hair and attending to its hygiene you are boosting the deeply embedded living tissues.

An overview of hair care

  • It basically relates to attending to the needs and nourishment of hair. Providing for scalp hygiene and styling of hair by natural or cosmetic means also comes under its purview.
  • Similar to widely varying skin types, human hair also has different varieties. So hair care also happens to be a variable concept differing from one to another.
  • Brushing, cleaning, soaking, drying, massaging, conditioning and washing are the different steps of hair care.

Nutrients for hair care

Just as your body needs food for sustenance, growth &repair, your hair too needs food for similar reasons. The nutrients which assure body of its growth, repair and vibrancy, are equally important from the standpoint of hair.

Keratin: a variety of protein happens to be the most important constituent of hair. Hair consisting of dead tissues can only grow if living tissues embedded inside contribute to the same. Scientifically speaking no living tissue can sustain, regenerate or grow without the provision of nutrition. Utmost care should be taken to provide nourishment with the right nutrients.

Biotin: an important variation of vitamin B has substantial role to play in respect of skin & hair care. Other than adding to growth and repair, biotin helps prevent hair loss. Shortage of biotin may help trigger loss, split ends and breakage. To go by the findings of nutritionists, relation between loss of hair & biotin is directly proportional.

As one of the key nutrients in hair care, biotin is available in food items such as peanuts, soybeans, green & leafy Swiss chard and bread made of whole wheat. Egg or the yolk content of is also one of the sources of this nutrient.

Besides having diet enriched with biotin, intake of biotin based supplements also ensures freedom from breakage and loss of hair. Shampooing hair with biotin based hair wash is another of the healthy options. That’s why, egg shampoos are often recommended to counter effects of split ends, breakage and loss.

Vitamins for hair care

  • Silky hair may be a divine blessing, but holding on to long rippling tresses calls for human effort. There is little to reaffirm the importance of vitamin in respect of skin or hair care. Having significant role to offer with regard to scalp care, vitamin holds key to the secret of glowingly beautiful hair.
  • Amongst all its types and varieties- Vitamins B, C besides keratin contributes to health and glow of hair. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the role of ‘niacin’ or B3 as its makes for the health of hair follicle.
  • Non vegetarians can rely on food sources such as chicken, fish or beef for niacin; while vegetarians can have their diet enriched by means of legumes, cereals and milk products.
  • Vitamin E: an important source of antioxidant plays crucial roles with regard to enhancing luster in addition to motivating growth and repair. Leafy vegetables, avocados, whole cereals and nuts with their dollops of Vitamin E activate the synthesis of protein, which in turn accelerates hair’s growth and repair.
  • Besides going for a balanced blend of the mentioned food items, supplements of vitamins or necessary multivitamins have roles to offer in hair care. But the dosage &essentiality are to be decided by physicians.
  • It is important reaffirming that nutrients contribute & help sustain growth and health of hair, but in no way can they bring about magical results. They merely work as facilitators promoting its essential vitality.

Prenatal vitamins for hair growth

  • The commonly held belief justifying the relation between hair growth & consumption of prenatal vitamins is yet to be validated scientifically. Women exposed to prenatal vitamins during different stages of pregnancy do manifest signs of hair growth, but the role of prenatal vitamin in it is still to find its scientific backup. According to specialists, rather than prenatal vitamins hormonal changes triggered by pregnancy causes the visible growth.
  • But there is a definite correlation between hair health & vitamin. With a wise blend of vitamins in diet, you need not particularly go for prenatal vitamins. Despite not being overtly harmful, continuous use of prenatal vitamins can give way to physiological conditions such as constipation and nausea.