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Giving up is a sign of strength and not just weakness.

Most of us are raised to believe in the motto,’’winners never quit and quitters never win’’ and yes this could have motivated us to push further beyond our boundaries to succeed. Most of us have probably become successful after trying out the things that we probably failed at in the past and some of us may have chosen to give it a shot later and be focused more on the present.

But there may be some of us who have tried a countless number of times to succeed at something that has only left us exhausted. Even while on the verge of giving up, we still may have tried doing something because the fear of failure is instilled deeply in us. Knowing that you couldn’t do something automatically makes you think that you are a loser and that you are no good or maybe you’re just weak.

You’re not. There are so many reasons as to why sometimes giving up may be the wisest and strongest decision of them all.

Spacing Out could be the reason you give up easily!!

A reason why you may be unable to achieve your long-term goals is that your mind tends to wander. In other words, setting your focus is something that you find trouble in doing. Whereas people who could maintain their focus in day-to-day life found it more easy to maintain that determination and working according to achieve their goals.

People who have trouble concentrating on a certain work at the moment and instead let their minds wander off about something that was still ahead of them were more likely to have trouble on working towards achieving their goals. Say you had to prepare for an exam and instead of doing that, you start thinking about what job you would like to do best in the future. Neither would you study for the exam nor would make proper plans regarding your dream job, and next thing you know you're in the examination hall trying hard to recollect what you studied last night.

What we are lacking is something called grit. Grit is a personality trait that involves sustained interest and putting an effort in reaching long-term goals. This alone could predict how successful you’re going to be in the future regarding things like your career and education regardless of how intelligent you may be.

Meditation may also serve as the key to help you retain your focus in doing things and maintaining that hard work till you accomplish your goal. The study was carried out by Brandon Ralph, the study’s lead author and a Ph.D. candidate in psychology at Waterloo.

Letting go can help people who are already depressed!

After having tried a countless number of times and still experiencing failure can drive a person crazy. None of us work hard to lose, we obviously have the inner desire of winning or achieving something that probably made us put in all that hard work in the first place. People who have failed at something repeatedly may reach a point where they would a vow to never again try taking up an activity that can only bring them failure and sorrow. In fact, anybody in their sane minds would give up unless you have probably taken an oath of not going to bed till you can feel the trophy of greatness in your hands.

Researchers have concluded that sometimes giving up was the best decision an individual could take. They tried testing healthy and depressed volunteers with an unsolvable game and that stopping the game in order to avoid wasting time was the right move. They found that it was actually the ones who easily gave up to be the winners of the game, cos they simply didn’t want to waste time on doing something that they knew they couldn’t do. Unlike the people who didn’t give up that easily.

Researchers have also found that it was the general lack of motivation seen commonly among depressed people that gave them the ability to abandon unachievable goals. If one could find out the real reason being an individual’s past failure, that may have been the cause of their depression, then steps can be taken to help them to let go of that particular memory of failing which could ultimately help them in living better lives.

The study was carried out by psychology student Katharina Koppe and Professor Rothermund of Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany).

Giving up can also decrease the risks of serious diseases!!

While nobody likes to give up, and people hate the concept of failure, shockingly the extreme determination that you put into reaching the desired goal can affect your physical health greatly.

Researchers found using tests that individual who didn’t easily give up in accomplishing hard to reach goals had lower levels of a protein called CRP, which could lead to bodily inflammation. It was recently found out that this inflammation alone could be the reason for diseases like diabetes and heart disease which could mean that over-ambitious teenagers could be likely to get affected with chronic illnesses later in life.

The best thing an individual could do to keep his/her future health in check is to understand what is and isn’t practically possible Learning how to let go of things that aren’t easy to accomplish is the first wise thing to do. Next, you could try something new and who knows you just might be good at accomplishing that goal. Setting new goals can also heal the emotional wounds of things you couldn’t do in the past. Give it a shot, you may be surprised too.