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Humor can actually improve your Health !!

Humor has a certain ability to temporarily displace stressful or worrisome thoughts that may be bothering you. While humor can help the person listening to the joke, it may as well help the person spreading the humor alone. Both parties experience a much more positive kind of energy or good feeling when they see each other’s happy responses. This alone is one of the greatest powers of humor, sharing or spreading happiness everywhere.

Most of the time anything humor related is often seen on television, internet videos, images etc. Comedy is all over in the media that you don’t need to do much if you are looking for something that will make your day. But what about the people who don't have access to these things, what if they don’t have anyone to keep them company, how are they ever going to have a good laugh.

Laughter can heal anybody of their pain, sorrows, and sadness. Now while most of use it just to clear ff our minds at the moment, humor may just be applicable in other fields too. In fact, humor can now benefit you in terms of your mental wellbeing. Read and find out what humor can actually do for your health.

Humor may even help people who are terminally ill !!

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Humor may even help people who are terminally ill

A terminal illness doesn’t mean that one person should drown him/herself in sorrow. Instead, the right thing to do would be to look for ways to laugh, be cheerful and just be happy. A word to the medical professional out there, bring in a bit of humor to the hospital wards and see the difference.

A research just found out that humor can play an essential role in the most serious healthcare settings even when patients are receiving intensive or end of life care. Researchers found a number of benefits when the medical staff used humor with their patient, this included -

  • To cope with and sometimes distance themselves from difficult situations.
  • To connect with other healthcare professionals and also provide mutual support.
  • To reduce tension when things don’t go as well as they could do.
  • To express frustration at life-prolonging measure that the staff may disregard with.
  • To connect with patients and make them feel cared for as individuals.
  • To reduce patients’embarrassment with the indignity of needing help with toileting and other highly personal functions.

The staff also claimed that there were other benefits too when humor was used in their daily life situations inside the hospital like seeing the smile of a patient made the staff feel that they were able to treat the patient emotionally more than being treated medically. Like the patients, staff too could sometimes experience high levels of stress and when they did a joke or 2 from the patient would actually make the staff feel much better.

Thought the work might be different in both the intensive and pallative care units, both these areas experience serious illness, high anxiety and even patient and family distress while the staff may have to go through these emotionally demanding situations on a regular basis. These wards go through several problems like death, and thus a stress-filled atmosphere is very likely.

Authors concluded that humor was really important in theses stressful kind of healthcare settings. A staff even spoke of how humor was the glue and how this alone could hold human connections together.

The research was carried out by Dr. Ruth Dean a nurse researcher from the University of Manitoba and Joanne Major from the Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg.

Positive re-framing, acceptance and even humor are the most effective coping strategies !!

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Positive re-framing, acceptance and even humor are the most effective coping strategies

Researchers found 3 strategies to be most effective in dealing with small failures and setbacks and helping these people to keep up their spirits at the end of the day.

A study was carried out with a number of students who reported the most upsetting failure they experienced during the day, the strategies they used to cope with the failure and how satisfied they felt at the end of the day. Some of their coping strategies included -

  • Emotional or instrumental support
  • Self-distraction
  • Religion
  • Self blame
  • Substance abuse
  • Denial

But having used these strategies to cope up with failure made kids feel only more dissatisfied by the end of the day. Furthermore, the more they used these strategies, the less they felt satisfies and experienced only made them feel worse about themselves.

However, when instructed to take up a much different approach, these include -

  • Positive Reframing - like seeing things in a more different light, or looking for something good in whatever happened
  • Acceptance and Humor

These had much more positive benefits regarding their terms of satisfaction. The more they used these coping strategies, the better they felt by the end of the day.

The study was carried out by Dr. Joachim Stoeber and Dr. Dirk Janssen from the University’s School of Psychology.

Humor can increase Hope in Individuals !!

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Humor can increase Hope in Individuals !!

Hoe is always good. No matter what the case may be. It is the kind of driving force a person can rely on when there is nothing left to hold on to. Sayings like,’’don’t lose hope’’ is literally what keeps a person to move forward regardless of the problems that may lie ahead.

If this hope thing drives us then there should be something that can drive hope too. And that is hope’s reliable cousin – Humor. Humor may be the best thing to build hope, drive hope or even instill the feeling of hope in us. Add in that extra bit of humor when you’re hoping for something or even giving a certain hope together and watch how their worried faces turn to a smiley face.

Researchers found that the experience of humor can positively influence a person’s state of hopefulness. An experiment was carried out I which participants viewed a 15-minute comedy video. The individuals who viewed the video had significantly higher scores for hopefulness after watching it compared to the individuals who didn’t watch the video.

According to one researcher, humor may have the ability to replace negative thoughts with positive ones and by doing so can boost the feelings of hope back again in people. Positive emotions such as those that come from experiencing humor can have the following benefits -

  • It can stimulate thought
  • It can prompt people to discard automatic behavioral responses.
  • It can help people pursue more creative paths of thought and action.

When a person incorporates humor in his situation, this alone could lead to a person experiencing a greater sense of self-worth when dealing with these problems or stressful events. These positive emotions could, in turn, lead to an increase in a person’s ability to develop a plan of attack for a specific problem as well as increase a person’s perceived ability to be able to overcome obstacles in dealing with that problem.

The study was carried out by David H. Rosen along with a team of researchers.

Humor goes a long way !!

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Humor goes a long way !!

Worry related or stressful situations may have people looking for some kind of relief that maybe not so easy to get. They may even resort to taking medication that might cure them temporarily. But as the medicine’s effects wear out, the person has to go through the whole stress like process all over again. A little bit of humor, on the other hand, may just change the mindset of the person leading him/her to believe that nothing is the end and that they are eventually going to be alright.

The next time you go to a hospital and you come across somebody who may be suffering from some kind of illness or disease, take the time to spread a few moments of joy and laughter. It doesn’t have to be a high-class professional joke that may have taken you hours to create, a simple gesture of sitting beside the person and talking about things not related to their illness could be a good start. Gradually you could share a funny experience of your own that you had recently. Cut out the formal kind of speech and talk to them like how you would talk to a friend.

And before you know it, you and the person might be having one of the best happy moments of both your lives. Who knows both of you laughing could actually get the attention of others who may indistinctly start smiling as they were probably listening to you too the whole time.