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Jealousy can affect your health and your life.

It's funny how a certain feeling can pierce an individual from the inside when he/she sees something that may cause sadness, anger or even disgust. While it may not always be the kind of situation where one can react, the worst part is knowing that you’re helpless about it.

While being jealous doesn’t always necessarily mean that you may be the good guy, it can also be because you just feel inferior to someone and the urge inside you to somehow defeat the person may put a lot of pressure on you. It is normal to be jealous as it may be a sign of your willpower and determination to excel at something. But it could also mean that you just don’t want to see others going towards success or reaching greater heights.

While anyone can become jealous at any point in their lives, long-term jealousy can affect a person’s mental and physical health. As it keeps building up inside, the more the hatred grows inside you and eventually it may leave you either disheartened or you probably might start suddenly holding grudges against everybody for absolutely no reason.

Jealousy can affect love life and may lead to alcohol problems!

Several people out there who depend on their love life for creating happiness and upon sensing that their partner may be cheating on them can make them drown in their sorrows. As they may start losing hope in whatever they believed in. Eventually, the individual might resort to drinking alcohol to cope with the pain. This is probably most prevalent among young couples. While romantic jealousy is common among every person, does it have a role to play in terms of consuming alcohol is the question?

However, researchers may have found a connection between the 3 factors namely - the quality of a relationship, jealousy and alcohol usage. And it was found that people whose self-esteem relied on their relationship started turning to alcohol just to cope up with the feelings of jealousy. These traits were also found in people who were -

    • Less satisfied with their love life.
    • Less committed to their partners.
    • Felt disconnected from their partners.

The more a person relies on their relationship which includes their self-worth, a certain negative emotion can have a tenfold impact on the individual. In other words, the tiniest feeling of not being loved back, or the feeling of betrayal even after putting so much effort can drive a person to experience an unimaginable amount of pain. Gradually alcohol may be their only way of coping with their pain.

A study was conducted by Angelo DiBello from the University of Houston.

Jealousy may be linked to higher risks of Alzheimer’s in women!!

For the women out there who constantly worry too much or envy others a lot, it’s time to stop. Cos all that worrying and envying can not only affect your day, it just may affect your whole life ahead of you and worse can also increase the chances of you getting affected with Alzheimer’s in the future.

Neuroticism is the kind of feeling where the individual can get easily distressed and may have problems controlling other emotions like jealousy, worrying and moodiness. Those people who are neurotic may display extreme signs of anger, guilt, jealousy and even depression. Studies later found that women who scored high on the tests for neuroticism had higher chances of developing dementia than the low scorers.

While just being withdrawn or introverted didn’t necessarily raise the stakes of Alzheimer’s, women who were both distressed and withdrawn had higher risks of developing Alzheimer’s. It can especially affect women during their middle age and can, later on, descend onto Alzheimer’s as they reach old age.

To the Women out there who may be always worried, moody, jealous or even angry. It’s time you let go of these feeling as they can only do more harm to your future state.

The study was conducted by Lena Johannsson, Ph.D. of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Can Jealousy blind you, sure it can!!

Certain times in life you may fail to see something that is right in front of you. And while you may have a good vision or a good eyesight, there are times you can still walk blind. In the cases of us people, sometimes emotions involved in our social relationships can affect not just our physical and mental health, it may even affect the things that we see.

Like when you’re just too excited about your crush’s phone call, you may forget to do things that you promised you would do for your family members. And likewise, when you’re probably too depressed about a quarrel earlier with your peers and you’re walking on the road you may hardly be aware of the speeding vehicles on the road. (Careful out their people). Moreover when you’re jealous about some guy who recently stole your promotion, or maybe you envy a person who has impressed those around you or you simply just hate the guy as you feel inferior, all this can affect you in so many ways.

The reason is cos we let ourselves get wrapped around our emotions and memories that we visualize them so much thus blinding us from seeing what lies ahead in the distance or the things that are probably right in front of us. Our memories can constantly play in our head and somehow we live in them, ignoring the situations we are actually supposed to be concerned about. Let go of things that can only cause you agony and despair. It’s not worth it. Stop comparing yourself with people around and believe in yourself first.