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A little bit of confidence can help you achieve big things in life !!

Do you think you’re sometimes not sure about anything in life? Do things hold you back, maybe you fear failure before even starting something new. Well, its time you ought to change that attitude if you really want to succeed in life. While you may think confidence is not going come into your life, it will. You just have to let it !! Some many things can change your life for the better once you’re confident.

Body Posture may boost Confidence !!

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Body posture can boost your confidence !!

You may like sitting in a crooked manner on the chair and though it feels good, believe me, it's not. Sitting up straight in your chair is what your body really needs. Now sitting upright doesn’t simply do wonders for your health but can also play a huge role in shaping up your confidence in life.

Researchers found that people who were told to sit up straight were more likely to believe in their thoughts right before they were going to put them on paper. To be more precise they were more confident regarding writing down their skills before when applying for a job and filling in the required job-related forms.

While other candidates who slouched over their shoulders were less sure about whether they even had the qualifications that could deem them suitable for the job. The point is, it isn’t about simply sitting to create a good impression of yourself in front of other people but it can actually even change you way you place your thoughts inside your head. By sitting up straight your also likely to be more positive in your outlook.

Researchers carried out an experiment to determine nee eh results as to whether or not sitting upright could boost a person’s confidence or not. These were the results

Students who sat upright or sat in the more confident like posture were likely to -

    • Rate themselves in line with the positive or negative points they wrote down.
    • They felt more confident in their thoughts regardless of whether they were positive or negative.
    • They wrote more positive things about themselves while seated in the confident posture

Students who slumped over or sat in a less confident like posture were likely to-

    • Be less confident as they were not convinced by their own thoughts.
    • Their ratings didn’t make much difference regardless of the positive or negative things they wrote about themselves.

People aren’t really aware of the changes that take place in their mood when they sit upright or when they don’t. But yet somehow the confidence they lacked earlier can be reactivated if they started sitting in an upright posture.

The research was carried out by Pablo Brinol, a former post-doctoral fellow at Ohio State, Benjamin Wagner, a current graduate student at Ohio State and co-author Richard Petty, professor of psychology at the Ohio State University.

Manipulating brain activity to boost confidence!!

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Manipulating the brain can increase confidence !!

In order to succeed in the real world, confidence is necessary as it not only promotes your character but also promotes your determination to succeed in every aspect of life. Confidence doesn’t just benefit an individual in school, college or the workplace, it could even do miracles for people who may be suffering with diseases related to mental health.

People suffering from depression or Alzheimer's disease may seem to think low about themselves reaching to the point they feel they are no good for anything in life. The disease can get complicated as the individuals keep thinking negatively about their own abilities. Even if they want to start believing in themselves their condition can only keep discouraging them from ever doing so. Confidence may just be the key to help save these kinds of people.

In an experiment carried out by researchers, the team developed a technology to both read and boost a high confidence state using a technique called Decoded Neurofeedback. The technique used brain scanning to monitor and detect the occurrence of certain sophisticated patterns of activity directly related to high-confidence states while the volunteers performed a simple continuous task. When levels of high confidence were detected, the volunteers were rewarded with a small amount of money.

The experiment further allowed the researchers to boost the confidence of the individual without their knowledge. According to one researcher, the idea was to see whether by pairing the high confident state of the individual with a monetary reward could boost confidence or not. And that was exactly what happened cos by the end of the training, the participants were feeling much more confident about themselves than they previously were.

The experiment may sound complicated but is actually nothing more than rewarding people with small rewards that convince them of their high potential or abilities. The more you get a little reward, the more likely you are to feel confident regarding the fact that you are capable of doing something that may not be so easy.

The research was carried out by Dr. Aurelio Cortese, of the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute international, Kyoto, Dr. Hawkan Lau, Associate Professor in the UCLA Psychology Department, Dr.Ai Kozumi and a team of researchers.

Teenagers who help strangers have more confidence !!

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Teenagers become more confident when they help people around them

If you’re a youngster, and the next time you randomly or readily start helping a person whom you have never seen in your life before or a stranger, well congratulations. You have officially been enlisted in the category of confident people. A new study suggests that selfless acts of kindness towards others have specific benefits to teenagers.

Teenagers who were more helpful to people whom they did not know had a better positive attitude and also felt much better about themselves in their life. This didn't simply include the teenagers who only showed the same love and acts of kindness towards family members, relatives, and friends.

According to one researcher, there may be something more to the concept of helping strangers that could impact an individual’s moral identity or the perception of self. It isn’t that, helping family and friend don’t count, cos it does, in fact, family should be given the first preference, but it is the act of helping someone whom you know, you may never see again in your life or not expecting help in return that creates a sense of fulfillment in our lives. It was also found that teenagers who exhibited this kind of positive behaviors were more likely to stay out of trouble and had good relationships with the members of their family.

At a stage where teenagers are only actually starting to understand the world and its people, such a time could prove both challenging and confusing to the young mind. Sometimes they may be more focused on themselves which is normal and isn’t because they want to be selfish. Parents can help guide their kids by teaching them more about the people who are less fortunate in lives and that as kids, they could do something small for them that may eventually bring joy for both, them and the teen themselves.

This can also increase the feeling of gratitude in teenagers and help them to change their mind from focusing on themselves throughout the day. It is also another way for these teenagers to make new friends and spend more quality time with their own families. Families can take up the practice of collecting and giving things to those who are poor or unfortunate when the kids are young. This practice can get instilled in their minds, who in the future may be much more generous in terms of giving more and taking less fro people. Eventually, this could lead the person to feel a much more greater sense of worth within themselves thus fueling up their levels of confidence.

The research was carried out by Xinyuan Fu, Central University of Finance and Economics, China and BYU School of Family Life professor Laura Padilla-Walker.

Lacking Confidence? A Little magic can do the trick !!

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Try learning magic to boost confidence !!

Magicians, their amazing acts, the cool they carry with them, the ability to create the shock factor in crowds, the fame and the love they get !! Don't we all just secretly wish we could be a magician for just one day? Well, guess what? You actually can and you get a free jar of confidence along with that too. Isn't that wonderful?

Researchers have found out that performing feats of magic can actually boost the level of confidence in a person. But one had to learn the art of doing the impossible first. And once that art is mastered, a person can start displaying his new skills and gradually and unconsciously build up his confidence more and more with the introduction of newer and newer tricks up his sleeve.

According to one researcher, learning magic requires self-discipline, an understanding of how people other people think and the ability to engage and entertain n audience. And unlike playing video games, it puts the person in a more interactive kind of situation, like family friends etc with whom they can see the responses first hand.

In an experiment carried out with the help of 40 volunteers, the results displayed .dramatic psychological effects of both before and after learning the single lesson at magic school. Participants showed higher levels of both social interactions and confidence. The individuals also reported to feeling a higher sense of self-esteem.

In this regard, people with low self-esteem can benefit from this art form by simply learning and performing magic tricks that can both entertain an audience and earn the individual the deserving praise simultaneously, boosting their new levels of confidence. This isn’t just for older individuals but can specifically do good for children who at times feel low about themselves.

All it takes is the patience to learn, the determination to master and sharpen those skills and with a lot of hard work and practice, you’re already the next David Blaine, David Copperfield, Cris Angel or even the great Houdini. Its all in your hands, while performing magic tricks may bring you everything you dreamed of, it could bring something that no other magician could ever give to you magically and that my friend is - confidence.

The study was carried out by Rebecca Godfrey, Dr. Sarah Woods and Professor Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire.