Ottamooli: Ottamooli is the malayalam word for a "Single Ingredient". This is the home-cure or folk-cure practice of medicine, usually based on traditional wisdom mixed with Ayurveda.

The medicine contains most of the time only a single ingredient, or the treatment is just once or there are no other medicines to be taken along with it etc. These medications are based on easily available substances, and usually have only one or two ingredients.

There are many ottamooli medicines for different conditions most of which are guarded jealously by particular families or vaidyas. There is no such thing as a single ottamooli for all illness. Ottamooli medicines used for complete treatment is found to be most effective. The most important advantage of this medication is that it has no side effects.

Here we have given some of the ottamooli practices for some of the most common diseases. These medicines can be prepared and administered very easily and any kind of expertise is not usually required in preparation.

Heart patients & pregnant ladies are not recommended for ottamooli treatment.