A new study has found that mothers who are vaccinated year-round against flu during pregnancy can bring down the risk of their babies acquiring influenza during the initial six months of life.

A deadly common viral infection, Influenza may result in aches, chills, fevers, nausea, diarrhea and even death, especially in high-risk groups. Influenza cause illness that lasts for a week or longer, resulting in almost 30,000 deaths last year in the U.S. and among those, pregnant women and young infants are at highest risk of dying from the flu.

The findings revealed 70 percent reduction in flu cases and 80 percent reduction in flu-related hospitalizations in infants (six months and younger) whose mothers were vaccinated during pregnancy, compared with babies whose moms weren't immunized.

The results show a way forward for the pregnant women and may help reverse the statistics of health records that reported 97 percent of flu cases in infants whose mothers were not immunized against the disease while pregnant.

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Influenza Vaccinations Protect the infants from flu 

The study also points out to the fact that since babies cannot be immunized during their initial six months, they must rely on others for the protection from the flu during that time.

The authors of the study saw clear and precise benefits for infants when their mother get the flu vaccine while the baby is inside the womb.

Researchers believe that the changes that happen during pregnancy makes the pregnant women more vulnerable to the flu, it is highly recommended to see a doctor and ask for the influenza vaccinations.

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Influenza Vaccinations also increase the birth weight

Another major advantage of taking the vaccinations is it increases the birth weights by 15 percent.

The overall positive effect of performing these vaccinations, which is not expensive is quite significant since the development of a child inside the mother affects that child during its entire life, and low birth weight has lifelong health implications for a child.

More steps are taken by obstetricians and pediatricians who have worked closer in recent years to increase flu vaccinations in pregnant women and many such collaborations are expected in the future.

The take-home message of the study is that the pregnant women should get vaccinated.

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