Trying to know the apt date to get pregnant? Find out your ovulation date and know the right time to concieve using this free online ovulation calculator. Also know the duration when you are the most fertile to make the right move.

Take a quick test now and know your ovulation date. Also see the most fertile dates for a six months cycle.

Ovulation Date Calculator

The ovulation date calculator takes the first day of your last menstrual cycle and the average cycle length as input to calculate the ovulation date.

To be successfully get pregnant, have intercourse everyday for one or two days before the ovulation date. This is because the life span of the sperm is two to three days and that of the egg that comes after ovulation is only 24 hours before fertilization.

Ovulation date is calculated by finding your next expected period due date and count back 12 days, this will give you the range of duration that you will be ovulating. So best of luck for your next leap into the next phase of life called "motherhood".