The impending joys of motherhood may be intensely fulfilling, but alongside of basking in ecstasy, it is important on your part to know the anatomical details of the developing fetus - due to see the light of this world and unleash the responsibilities of parenthood.

Pregnancy week by week - meaning and significance

  • The wonderfully fascinating discovery to motherhood is gradual and time taking, covering the time span of gestation.
  • The gradual development of the fetus over the span of gestation can be broken down on weekly basis.
  • Most pregnancies cover a gestation span of forty to forty two weeks.
  • It is important for you to know that first trimester includes the initial twelve weeks, the second one covers within its range - 13th to 27th week, whereas the last trimester generally includes - 28th to 40th week.

Weekly journey through pregnancy

  • The first week of pregnancy : It is interesting to note that the so called first week of pregnancy doesn't actually have you pregnant. Beginning with the first day of your menstruation, it onsets the chances of conception, with the likely ovulation taking place around the 14th day.
  • The second week of pregnancy : Well, there isn't any fetal development either. The week is marked by the preparation of the endometrial, ripening and release of egg for possible fertilization.
  • The third week of pregnancy : One of the significant weeks, resulting in conception with the possible meeting of sperm and egg.
  • The fourth week of pregnancy : The fertilized egg implants itself into the prepared uterine lining- the first bond of motherhood!
  • The fifth week of pregnancy : The week is marked by the initial stroke of development with the embedded embryo developing its three sets of layers.
  • The sixth week of pregnancy : Marked by rapid growth, your precious little one is still in the form of an embryo, but you can expect the development of the cord and first strokes of the beating heart.
  • The seventh week of pregnancy : The fetus is as tiny as a rice grain. Development of limbs is expected.
  • The eighth week of pregnancy : The week is marked by the development of facial features, teeth, elbows, tiny fingers and toe buds.
  • The ninth week of pregnancy : Gradual development into human shape, with the formation of bones, tongue and abdominal structure.
  • The tenth week of pregnancy : An exciting week begins with the initial strokes of movement. The moving embryo has most of its joints well formed.
  • The 11th week of pregnancy: At the end of this week, the fetus is as long as two inches. The week marking the formation of irises also sets in the beginning of the placental functions.
  • The 12th week of pregnancy: Marking the completion of the first trimester, the fetus with its rudimentary features heralds the formation of genitals and possible signs of gender distinction.
  • The 13th week of pregnancy: Having taken on a gender, the fetus acquires human semblance. Eyes are in their formation spree and so are the vocal cords.
  • The 14th week of pregnancy: Neck alongside of various sense organs continues developing. The fetus makes use of limb reflexes and starts breathing as well.
  • The 15th week of pregnancy : Bone development carries on and the baby has its transparent coat of skin. The week initiates the development of the hairy base.
  • The 16th week of pregnancy : The phase is marked by the hardening of bony and cartilaginous structures, development of toe and finger nails.
  • The 17th week of pregnancy : Baby equals the size of placenta, reflexes are further developed and the heart is able to pump blood measuring 25 quarts.
  • The 18th week of pregnancy : With its ability for jerky movement, the baby weighing less than a pound has well set eyes, padded fingers and meconium collection.
  • The 19th week of pregnancy : In this week, it is marked by the gradual development of hair and cheesy coating on its skin.
  • The 20th week of pregnancy : Do remember that at this stage baby wakes as well as sleeps. It is marked by the development of scalp hair and that of uterus for female babes.
  • The 21st week of pregnancy : Heart becomes strong and limbs assume their relative limit. Jerks and kicking increases.
  • 22nd week of pregnancy : Marked by the complete formation of eyes, brain intensifies its developmental spree, and testes begins to descend.
  • 23rd week of pregnancy : Weighing nearly a pound, it has chances to survive if delivered at this stage.
  • 24th week of pregnancy : Weighing more than a pound, the baby adds to the developing organs besides muscle and bony structures.
  • 25th week of pregnancy : Marked by the formation of rings of spine, joints and ligaments.
  • 26th week of pregnancy : Weighing around two pounds, rapid development of lungs and that of brain takes place.
  • 27th week of pregnancy : With the development of the mentioned organs taking place even further, you complete your second trimester.
  • 28th week of pregnancy : With well formed eyebrows and lashes, the little wonder adds to its muscle tone.
  • 29th week of pregnancy : Head takes its due proportion; sensitivity to light develops in addition to that of the brain control.
  • 30th week of pregnancy : Weighing three pounds, the baby is able to produce red blood corpuscles by the bone marrow.
  • 31st week of pregnancy : The week is marked by the development of brain and lungs.
  • 32nd week of pregnancy : With fully developed sense organs, the baby weighs four pounds.
  • 33rd week of pregnancy : The head size increases and skin tone changes to pink.
  • 34th week of pregnancy : Response of a newborn can be expected.
  • 35th week of pregnancy : Covering a sizeable portion of the womb, the baby weighs almost five pounds.
  • 36th week of pregnancy : Chances of delivery are relatively high with baby getting ready for birth.
  • 37th week of pregnancy : Well formed for self breathing, the baby's grasping is fully developed.
  • 38th week of pregnancy : It is likely to gain in weight with passage of every day.
  • 39th week of pregnancy : The initial coating of hair vanishes and it is in its final stage.
  • 40th week of pregnancy : Perhaps the last week for its stay in the womb, the size weighs 7.5 pound on an average

 This article takes you through the various phases of Pregnancy by providing information on the week by week dates of Pregnancy.