Okay, so many of you must be wondering what is this ‘SOS’? Certainly this is no alert signal, but in fact – this according to researchers is the best sleep position for any pregnant woman. 

SOS- Sleep on Side

The most safest way to sleep is to the side, and that too – to the left side direction. Now why is that so? It is said that this helps in the smooth flow of nutrients and blood directly to the baby and also the placenta. 

Why should one not sleep on their backs?

As per research, it has been found that women should take a lot of care to sleep right- especially during the last trimester of pregnancy, 

Builds in Unwanted Pressure

They should not try to sleep straight on their backs as this act will increase the risk of still births.  As per the studies, they feel that when an expecting lady sleeps on their back, this indirectly applies some pressure on the blood vessels that are connected to the uterus. 

Silent Killer

Once pressure is applied onto the blood vessels, this would automatically stop the flow of blood to the baby. Lack of flow of blood in due course of time is said to be a silent killer for the child. And the saddest part is that- the mother will not be aware of this disastrous mishap.

Tips to Pregnant Women to Sleep on your side

  • When you go to sleep, make it a point to sleep to your side only. It is quite natural that you may slide off and sleep straight during the wee hours of the night. But that is okay.
  • When you wake up at any time at night, then just turn gently and go off to sleep. Return to your left side always, and that too in a slow pace – as quick movements could cause discomfort.
  • The same science applies to all the naps that you take during the day. So, even if you feel tired and just want to lie down- do so but lie down to your left.

In short- Left is always safe!

Pregnancy Girl’s Sleeping Guide

We all have those favourite positions of sleep, but in pregnancy, care needs to be taken so that the baby is safe.

Have difficulty sleeping to your left?

If you find that sleeping to your left is not so comfortable, then do read on and take a few of our cues that we have collected from the experts.

Got leg pain? Then bent your legs and the knee portion as you lie down to the left. Also, place a pillow in between your thighs and ease the discomfort a bit.

Heartburns? Sometimes, some women do experience a small level of heartburn. If by any chance you experience the same, then this is what you can do. Ensure that the upper part of your body is kept at a higher level than the lower area, This can be done by placing pillows under your neck area and the upper back for support. That way you can sleep much more peacefully.

Suffocations? This can happen as the baby bump gets bigger and also especially during the last trimester. In this case, just adjust the pillows to an angle whereby you feel relieved, and still can sleep to your right.

Don’t get stressed about Sleep!

It is true the side position is the best, but yes, at times, you can switch just to relieve any pain. Do not sleep on your back for long, as we already mentioned the problems related to that. Always remember to make yourself comfortable while you sleep to your side. So, you can take suggestions either from your personal experience, or the experts or even from our cue.

You do not need to overthink and lose a night’s sleep, because is very crucial for a sound mind and body of a pregnant lady.

Having said this, you should not sleep much time in certain positions and let’s take a look at them.

What are sleep positions that you avoid at the time of pregnancy?

Everything seems to be a challenge when you are in the preggy mode. Nine months is a long time, and we all know it is a tough affair. We need not make matters worse, just because out of lack of knowledge. 

Learn what positions are actually bad during the pregnancy

Your Tummy is a No- No!

As you get into the last months of pregnancy, you will realize that everything from getting up, sleeping, eating, urinating, travelling and even sitting on a couch becomes a chore. Everything has to be thought carefully before any action can be executed.

During the first three months of pregnancy, since your baby bump is very small, it will be very easy to lie to your side. But as the stomach, grows bigger, this position is definitely not going to be easy.  So, as you approach last months, avoid giving a lot of pressure to the tummy. Instead sleep to the side. It is preferable to sleep to your left, but of course, you can turn to the other side, if you feel any discomfort. 

Give the back a little relief!

It may seem good to sleep on your back when you are pregnant. The immediate effect of relief is for the back itself, but after some time, you will feel the discomfort. If you sleep on your back for the whole night, it may lead to suffocation, loss of blood flow to the uterus, sinking blood pressure, digestive problems, breathing problems and even haemorrhoids.


These are a list of problems most women, but there may be some different experiences for different women, So, our sincere advice is that if you feel something is unusually wrong- it is always better to consult your gynaecologist.

Keep note of the small changes, small movements of the baby, any pain or discomfort that you experience. Make it a point to talk to your doctor and the older generation, as they would be able to valuable advice that may help go past the nine months of pregnancy with lesser problems. 

So, sleep well as your body and your dear baby needs this rest. But just remember to keep to your left!