Actions may speak louder than words, as per our ancient literary experts. But here today, in a world where everyone is living in a virtual world- words do have their share of significance.

Teena Abraham is a seasoned writer who loves to wade around all streams of non fiction and make a lovable fiesta of words. She believes that it is only our mind that can wither hold us from moving to success or rather push us forward to achieving success. Therefore, to empower our little minds that is often camouflaged by wrong notions, misconceptions and a huge truckload of phobias and fears- she feels the right knowledge can teach all people to choose the right and most fruitful path in life.

And yes, that’s exactly what she has been up to for the past 7 years and helping all readers get equipped with the right knowledge. She reminds one and all- Age is no bar if you are on a positive quest for new ideas and inspirational living. So read on, question her, discuss and you’ll be amazed at how she can reveal the better and real person in you.