As Valentine is near the corner, many of the love struck couples may be busy planning to get that perfect gift for your loved one. It is true that this is not an easy task and so this research done at University of Cincinnati gives all lovers new insights on how to choose a gift in the right way.

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What should you keep in mind while shopping for your Valentine?

As per the research, they state that when you want to buy a gift- think that it should be something that your Valentine needs, and not to use this as a moment to show how thoughtful you are.

So, quit trying to show off and instead for your partner really would like to get as a gift.

It has been observed that gift- giver often tends to put a lot of effort to demonstrate their knowledge for the gift- giving process. So instead, it is best that the giver does not over think. Over thinking could spoil many choices while giving a gift.

Usually, when the giver tries to choose and give the best gift- this ends up backfiring at them itself. 

Research says that you should focus on more versatile gifts and gift cards while gifting anyone. In the case of gift cards, if they happen to be very specific, then the recipients take time to make use of them. 

So, the more specific the gift cards, it reflects more on the personal choice of the giver rather than the receiver of the gift.

So, in short – when you give a gift- you may seem to be very considerate and do your best. But a bit of personal thoughts influence your decisions. Instead, think more openly and gift more versatile options, so that your soulmate will love what you have gifted!

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3 Golden Steps to choose the perfect gift cards for your loved one this Valentine.

This is yet another fabulous research that was brought out at the University of Cincinnati and if you are presently on the search for gift cards, then kindly take a look at what could be the perfect choice for your love.

 What do you think should be given importance while gifting a person? Is it the gift in specific or the thought that seems to be very important?

From the above research, you would have understood that being over- specific is not good and in fact could back fire the giver of the gift.

 Now, in this one- the researchers say that never try to over- personalize the gift. In the case of gift – cards, you need to spare the thought of being specific and personalized. 

What happens if you do that?

A recent survey showed that over- personalized cards tend to hit the bottom of your loved one’s purse for at least 6 months or so. Do you want that to happen? Surely not!

Then it is time, you take these cues.

#1 What is perfect for you, may not be for the other.

Choose a more general gift- card rather than a specific one. For example, if your love is fond of sports, instead of giving a gift card that allows him/ her to purchase any sports goods in any local store; you can gift a Mastercard supported gift card. This should give them many options like going for a sports event, or buy anything that they wanted in life. This will be related to sports, but opens out more choice for them. 

#2 Romance is on the cards, but give them the ball.

You are in love, and we totally know it. But never be under the notion that you know everything about them. Show that you are caring, by letting them choose what they love or crave for. Many couples feel that their choices will be the best, but sadly that is not the truth. Be romantic, but think like he/ she is your friend. Get versatile cards, so they get more choices. At the end of the day, you both need to be happy and the card needs to be used.

#3 Traits are not the deciding factors for a gift card.

Often, when a person buys a gift, they never think what that person may really want. Instead, they visualize the other person's character traits and draw out conclusions. This could be right or wrong, but in most cases, their conclusions (derived from traits) happen to turn out wrong!

This happens because a person is studied based on their specific behavioural patterns, their specific choices in various situations and so on. So, the study is made based on situational factors, rather than the stable factors of a person. This will not give the true likes and dislikes of the person.

Hence it is always wise that you choose a gift that align with their stable traits rather than being too specific. For example, if your friend liked a specific horror film, it may not be that they would always like to watch such films. They may usually watch comedy films and so that is what you need to recognize. 

In case, in doubt, give them gift- cards that help them choose any book or movie of their preference, rather than just sticking  to the horror world.