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Feng Shui tips for bedroom

A bedroom is all about promoting the romance, so here are a few things every romantic feng shui bedroom should possess. Read more on feng shui bedroom tips.

  • Keep distractive technology at minimum: When you are assigning furniture or things to rooms, make sure that your bedroom does not have any of the distractive items. You should avoid putting a TV in your bedroom. Avoid having phones, exercise equipment etc. in the room as well. This draws away attention or chi from the romance or your partner to other things, which is not good.
  • Open bedrooms are good signs: It will be really beneficial to have a bedroom that has a lot of windows or open air. You will not be able to have a feng shui bedroom if the room is dark, dingy or stale. This will make your chi negative and this will certainly not be beneficial for any parties. So, keep the windows in your bedroom open and let the natural light come in.Special Editions: Happy Valentine's Day to All. Check it Out!!
  • Avoid plants in the bedroom: Plants are important symbols of feng shui, but not important feng shui symbols for bedroom. In fact ,one should avoid having any plants in the bedroom, for it can form a disruptive energy that takes attention away from the romantic energy required. The only condition in which it is okay to have plants in the bedroom is if the room is really large and the plants are located far away from the bed.
  • Use appropriate lighting: It is not possible to rely on natural lighting all the time, so it is essential for one to use artificial lighting. In a romantic feng shui bedroom, the lighting has to be right - not too bright or not too dim. Depending on the energy level you want in the bedroom, you can adjust the brightness of the light. It would be best to keep lights that have an attached dimmer.
    For artificial light, another good option would be to have candles.
  • Use the right colours in the bedroom: Colours can have a huge impact on the chi, and are an important facet of feng shui in bedrooms. The best feng shui colours for bedrooms are the neutral tone ones - the skin colour varities, ranging from pale white to chocolate brown. One should avoid bright colours at all costs, for they will have a very disruptive, non- soothing effect.
  • Keep all the doors closed at night: There might be a lot of doors in a bedroom, and it is essential to keep all of them closed to follow feng shui for bedroom rules. An open door is an invitation to distractions, questions and troubles and it negates the quest for romance and calm and relaxation within the bedroom.
  • Choose the right art: It is essential for the bedroom to have some art, but in order to make the room compliant with feng shui, you have to choose the right feng shui symbols for bedroom. Use symbols such as the Mystic Knot for the bedroom. You could keep Foo Dogs outside, near the entrance to the bedroom as well. Avoid the symbol of dragon inside the bedroom, at all costs.When you are putting feng shui art in your bedroom, put it in the south-west portion of the room, for it is the luckiest.
  • Get the perfect feng shui bed: One of the most important aspects of a feng shui bedroom is a feng shui bed. When choosing the right bed, make sure that you get the right bed and place it right in the room as well. Make sure that the bed is not placed near corners- it has to be accessible from all the sides. If you want to have bed tables or side tables, make sure you have two of them. The bed should not fall in the same line as the door as well.

People should keep in mind that feng shui is supposed to bring balance in their lives. If following the above tips still don't bring the required peace and stability in your life, you can always change things around, according to some other feng shui laws that you have not tried out yet. Good luck