Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese form of beliefs or set of techniques that is believed to create a harmonious and positive flow of energy (Chi) in you home and that helps you to overcome several problems of your life. It is believed to bring good health and good fortune to the practicing individual. It essentially comprises of arranging or re arranging the things surrounding you in your day to day life and encourages developing a positive frame of mind, which facilitates the beneficial flow of positive energy in one's life.

Feng Shui also has techniques to encourage a fulfilling and harmonious love life. Feng Shui can help you in a variety of matters, for instance if you want to attract a prospective lover in your life, or you are already in a relationship which is troubled and you need a little help to sort out stuffs, you can utilize Feng Shui benefits.

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Feng Shui Tips For Love and Romantic Relationship

Balancing both sides of bed : Since two partners are involved in a relationship, it is important that the Feng Shui energy levels are balanced on both side of the bed. This includes among others, placing of Feng Shui products on both side of the bed for a equal amount of energy surrounding the bed.

Placing close attention to the three main Feng Shui places of your home : The trinity of Feng Shui i.e. the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen needs a close look so as to maintain a continuous flow of positive energy in these areas. If any of these areas are misbalanced, it will reflect in your relationship sooner or later in a negative way.

Use of Feng Shui Colors and Images : Bring the images and feel of your most desired love interests in your room. Use specific photographs, scents (in the form of essential oils) and Feng Shui colors to symbolize the kind of energy you want between you and your partner. Try and avoid the negative feelings generating images like that of broken heart, tempest and destruction etc.

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Maintaining the South west area of your home. : The Feng Shui element for love and affection is the "earth" and "fire", so you need to use materials that enhance the Feng Shui energy for these elements. The items will include images, articles and colors that you can use to strengthen these elements. Avoid excess of water, metal or wood elements of Feng Shui.

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Use Feng Shui cures for love relationship: Use Feng Shui products that come in pairs, rose crystal of quartz and other personalized elements which strengthens your love.