Feng Shui has become quite popular among a lot of demographics because of the fact that it provides an easier way of staying connected with spirituality, especially to promote one’s own life and luck. Of course, it would make a lot of sense for you to share this luck and wonder with other people through Fung Shui gifts. These gifts can range from candles to plants and all of them will result in bringing a positive energy and balance to the lives of the people you gift them to.

Feng Shui gifts are aplenty and there are many variants of the same. This ensures that you can find the right gift for almost all kinds of people and all kinds of price ranges as well. But before you get the right kind of Feng Shui gifts, you need to know why you should get them. Knowing the benefits of all the gifts that you could potentially gift would make the gifts more meaningful.

Let’s take a look at Feng Shui gifts for men, feng shui for women and some for couples.

The Best Feng Shui gifts for men

There are plenty of amazing Feng Shui gifts for men, but these certainly top the list.

  1. A plant: Plants hold a special place in feng shui because of the fact that they represent nature and they can really help purify the surroundings in which people live. They actively contribute towards making a person healthier and hence they hold a special place in feng shui décor. Plants are considered to be amazing cures in Feng Shui and can be amazing gifts for men. Men do have a thing for utilitarian presents, hence this would be a good idea.
    However, you have to make sure that you buy the right feng shui plants. The best option would be to palm, bamboo, rubber plant, English Ivy etc.
  2. Feng Shui books: Books can be wonderful gifts because you are passing on something that is valuable. Any man interested in feng shui would love to learn more about it and books are pretty much unisexual gifts. So not only are they good Feng Shui gifts for men, they are also amazing Feng Shui gifts for women! These books are easily available and they will help people put together their own feng shui home, the way they want to. Since men can be quite nitpicky about what they want in their house, this might be the safest idea to get some feng shui into their lives.
  3. Feng Shui CDs: Feng Shui CDs are not really traditional gifts. They are quite new as well. They are some of the best Feng Shui gifts for men who are not particularly fond of reading. These CDs are much easier to go through when compared to books, they are quicker and there are a lot of interactive CDs that can help men design their own feng shui house and also understand more about the concept of feng shui and the reasons behind all these feng shui decorations and gifts.
  4. Feng shui compass: Compasses are actually quite important objects in feng shui. The compass has come to be considered as a sacred object of feng shui, something that encompasses all the important knowledge pointed out by this spiritual guide. The compass is also quite a useful and thoughtful gift for men, especially if they like to go out on their own little adventures. We are sure almost all your male friends would love this particular gift.
  5. Feng Shui dragon: Let’s face it. Men have grown up thinking that dragons are amazing and majestic creatures and we are sure they would love to own one of these! Dragons also happen to be a vital symbol of Feng Shui, a symbol of positive and powerful energy. The “Cosmic Breath” of the Dragon is believed to be a symbol that represents the spirit of challenge, strength, power and noble nature. It also stands for transformed nature, so it can stand as a symbolic gesture for a good friend who has gone through some tough time as well. It is believed that having a feng shui dragon in the house can make it really possible for a person to grow in their personal spirit and meet the challenges doled out on them in life.

Feng Shui gifts for women

Women do love gifts and there are tons of presents that one can think of when it comes to giving a woman a gift that is not only personal and symbolic, but is also related to feng shui. Here are the top favourites:

  1. Feng Shui candles: Women just love candles, especially when they are scented. They can be very soothing and really calm a person’s nerves. Candles, in feng shui, also represent nature because they are symbolic of life- giving sunlight. They are believed to cleanse the aura around a house by destroying negative energy. They are spiritual and a beautiful way of decorating a house and providing it with more energy and warmth. Your women friends would really appreciate this gift.
  2. Incense sticks: Incense sticks can influence a person’s sense of smell, which does have a huge impact on a person’s feelings and their mental state. Incense sticks with good and positive smells, such as vanilla, lavender etc. can be really helpful in enhancing the positive energy surrounding a person.
  3. Feng Shui mirrors: These are mirrors that have been made to enhance a person’s positive view of themselves and their life as well. Feng Shui gifts for women would obviously include something that is personal and usable. Mirrors, in feng shui tradition, are a symbol of all the four celestial guardians of the tradition. They symbolize a lot of important things about self- realization and get a better and positive nature.
  4. Feng Shui Crystal: Feng shui crystals are some of the best solutions and has a healing nature. They are available in different shapes, colours and can be used for an extensive number of things. The best kind of crystals that one would love to use would be the quartz crystals, which are considered quite sacred, especially when it comes to healing products.

The best Feng Shui gifts for couples

There are a lot of amazing Feng Shui gifts for couples as well. When it comes to gifting things to couples, you have to give them something that would help their lives, put together, since both of them are one single entity now. These Feng Shui gifts help people nurture their relationships, keeping the relationship positive and also ensuring that they maintain their individual personalities positive and energetic through the course of the relationship.

Here are some of the best Feng Shui gifts for couples and the reason for their meaningfulness:

  1. Feng shui specialties in pair: When gifting something to a couple, it is a major mistake to just give one of it. When gifting something to a pair, people have to make sure that it is in twos, so that it can represent both the entities in the relationship. So be it candles, plants, crystals, anything- make sure it is in twos. When gifting a couple something in twos, make sure you let them know where to place it- it is best to place the feng shui gift in the romance corner of their house, the bedroom. It is best if it is kept in the north.
  2. Gift them something red: Feng Shui gifts for couples would be the best if they were in red. Red is an auspicious colour for feng shui for it promotes passion and love in relationships and in life. It also motivates a sense of adventure and positivity and prosperity and these are the ideals a relationship should certainly have. So, even if the object or gift you have picked for the feng shui gift for a couple is not particularly symbolic to this system, you can make amends by buying the gift in red.
  3. Ceramic or porcelain gifts: Ceramic and porcelain are really easy to come by. Most couples who are getting married include ceramic and porcelain items in their wishlist, so you will be giving them something they really want as well. Ceramic and porcelain are important for feng shui traditions because they symbolize the power of the earth. Earth is associated with the “bagua” or the romantic element of feng shui, so ceramic and porcelain promote the energy necessary to keep the romance alive in a relationship.
  4. Water fountains: In case you know any couples who live in the same house, you could buy them a water fountain. We are not talking about Feng Shui gifts for couples that are really large, so even a small trickle of a water fountain would do. Water, as an element, stands for purity, flow of life and energy. It stands for purification, removal of conflicts and negative emotions from the couples’ life so this is another feng shui gift for couples that would really help them in their relationship.

Most of the Feng Shui gifts are quite affordable. When you give these gifts to your loved ones, not only are you giving them something that they can use and something they will love, you are also giving them something that will make their quality of life much better, by integrating the traditions and positive energy associated with feng shui with their lives.