Vitamin B may sound very basic, and but as the saying goes, ‘Never judge the book by its cover’, I’d say, if you are one who is concerned about the health of your body and loved ones- then perhaps you would take the time to get to understand what this vitamin B is all about.

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A False Understanding

Let’s start with what was misunderstood about the Vitamin B. Long back, people thought that vitamin B was just one whole nutrient. But that is far from the truth. Actually, this is a collection of vitamins that come under the bracket of the B- Complex world.

What is Vitamin B?

It includes a collection of water soluble vitamins apart from Vitamin C. This would include:

B1 -  Thiamine

B2 -  Riboflavin

B3 -  Niacin

B5 -  Pantothenic Acid

B6 -  Pyridoxine

B7-  Biotin

B9 – Folic Acid

B12  - Cobalamins

These 8 vitamins constitute the vitamin B as a whole. Each of these vitamins will contribute to the body’s overall functioning and that is why it is necessary to make this a part of your daily diet.

It is said to be water soluble because once a person intakes vitamin B, this will absorbed and store in the body for a long time. But there are exceptions to everything on Earth. So, in this case B9 and B12 are not be stored in the body for long and so these two vitamins need to be taken on a daily  (or weekly)  basis.

Now, since you have an idea- let’s get into the finer details. If these need to be a part of our diets, surely they do have some serious healing powers. Don’t you think so?

Vitamin B could sharpen your concentration skills

There have been a lot of researches on the goodness and benefits of Vitamin B and we can start off with this one. This was a research done at Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health and it has thrown some light on the B vitamin.

What can Vitamin B do?

  • There are many people who suffer from schizophrenia and that drastically affects their concentration skills.
  • When they are given Vitamin B on a regular basis can improve their level of concentration. This lack of concentration comes up when the person goes through the first stages of psychosis.
  • On consuming vitamin B, the level of amino acids called homocysteine within the person reduces and that relieves them from their problems.
  • As per the experiment, the people were given medicine for a period of 12 weeks. This over time, gave way to improved cognitive functioning. 
  • Cognitive functioning means their memory power, their learning abilities, and also their language abilities.
  •  These vitamins have a neuro protective effect on the human body and that is what the body responds in the positive manner to the vitamin.
  • However, in reality, researchers say they no repair is being done on the cognitive part of the patients.
  • But the vitamin helps to withstand and prevent the body from further declining and deteriorating.
  • So, that is why people feel that they have improved to a noticeable level.
  • But, the fact is that once vitamins are fed into the system, the body can sustain the attacks by the virus or bacteria whatsoever.

Vitamin B can spot the troublemakers

Well,, don’t pass a laugh at this one. It is true to the core. These vitamins can literally who is not invited to the party. And will give it their best try to get those guys out of the body!

How can Vitamin B cast out infections?

  • At the University of Melbourne, an Australian research was done by a team and they discovered how vitamin B could build up the immunity cells of a human body.
  • When a person has their regular dose of Vitamin B, the immune cells are more alert and aware of unnoticed infectious bacteria- and that is what triggers them to fight against deadly and life threatening infections.
  • For the experiment, vitamin B synthesis from yeast and bacteria and this helped activate the immunity levels within the person.
  • Due to the synthesis process, the body can identify the infections that lurk un-seemingly in the body.  This way Vitamin B plays a protective role in curing a lot of medical problems like thrush to major ones like tuberculosis.
  • Though the research is still in progress, they have hopes that it can alert the body on various problems like inflammatory diseases, Constipation and even irritable bowel syndrome.

Your cardiovascular problems could be solved now

As long as pollution lingers in the air, we all are bound to be affected by the ill- effects on the pollution and that could have a huge negative take on our cardiovascular system.

When the research team at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health , got together, they spotted out that Vitamin B can have a huge impact on the cardiovascular diseases. And if this is possible, it could cure so many lives.

Relation between Vitamin B and Cardiovascular Diseases

On regular consumption of Vitamin B, this can stop the ill effects of pollution on cardio related issues.

For proof, this is what they were able to share with us. The patients who participated in this research led a healthy and non smoking lifestyle.

How can Vitamin B cure cardiovascular problems?

  • When the effect of a daily use of Vitamin B, it has been found that pollution effects can be brought down  considerably. 
  • The vitamin has the capacity to alleviate the after effects of pollution in our respiratory system. 
  • In the experiment, the non smokers were given the Vitamin B capsules, and it was found that any traces of pollution whatsoever could be removed. This in turn wipes out the negative traces of pollution in the immune system and the cardiovascular system.
  • They also noticed that the white blood count increased and also the heart conditions had a noticeable level of improvement.
  • Plus points: When this vitamin B is administered to children, it can help them be stronger and avoid being affected by the ill effects of pollution.
  • This one capsule per day would increase their immunity, and help them withstand viral infections, seasonal diseases and also prevent any sort of pollution from destroying the body.

Is there an Age for consuming Vitamin B?

That is the biggest plus point of this vitamin.

People of all ages can use this vitamin on a daily basis. But if you plan to use capsules, do consult with your doctor, as to the dosage and all things concerned with it. Apart from that, the natural sources are given below, and you must include them in your diet.

What if I take an Overdose of this Vitamin B?

Excess always kills- and this is something you need to keep in mind.

So, too many capsules may cause:

  •  Liver damage
  • The urine will turn to a bright yellow colour
  • The blood Sugar levels will rise without notice
  • You may get unexpected skin lesions and in some cases they may get painful.
  • Last, is that it upsets the stomach and that in turn leads to vomiting. 

So, basically, just have what is necessary.

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Sources and Usage

Well, in the market, you can find the vitamin B pills and capsules, but nature gives the best. So, if you can get your hands on natural sources of Vitamin B- then please add them to your daily diet.

Natural food sources

Fruits like watermelon and banana 

Nuts and Seeds of all types

Cheese and other milk products

Poultry farm fresh organic eggs

Whole grains and variety of cereals

Fiber rich foods like wheat gram

All sorts of beans like kidney beans, chickpeas and even black beans 

Yeast products like homemade yeast breads

Seafood holds a lot of vitamins like clams and oysters

Leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, lettuce

Out of this list, have a bowl of any of this everyday. It is highly necessary that you replenish the body with such natural foods.

Now, if you plan to take the medicine, then it is best that you consult with the doctor about the dosage. Vitamin B is a must in our and older people gets, it can be one source of natural help that we could take.