Its a fact that we all love our sugary drinks, snacks and pastries. The next truth is that, sugar enjoyed above the needed level could act highly detrimental for your body.

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As per a research – not just any research, but one that was specifically focussed on cancer; it was found that cancer and sugar does seem to have a sweet link to each other. Let’s see what exactly stimulates this relation.

A few highlights on the research:

The study was conducted in 2008 under the leadership of Johan Thevelein, Veerie Janssens and Wim Versees and their research led to what is now known as Warburg Effect.

In a gist the results of the study can be detailed like this:

  • Sugar and cancerous cells have a very ongoing and positive relationship between each other.
  • Depending on the increase in the amount of sugar in the body, the strength or rather the capacity of the body to produce more cancerous cells increases proportionately.
  • The most interesting discovery is that cancer cells have the hidden capacity to convert sugar into lactate. This is a quality characteristic that healthy cells to not seem to do.

More Insights About Cancer

So, is the Cancerous Sweet Relation a reason to get tensed?

Well, the answer to this is both yes and no!

The reasons as per the study are as follows:

There are two parts to this study:

First Part goes like this:

  • A normal body needs energy to work and that is received from the sugars or starch that are fed into the body.
  • Similarly, cancer cells seem to have a huge affinity for sugar and these are growth work stations for all cancerous cells.
  • Each cancer cell converts sugar that is fed into the body into a substance called glucose. It is with the help of glucose that cancer cells grow and then spread onto different parts of the body.
  • Compare the entire situation to a fireplace. You light one twig and this gives off a small light. Pour a drop of oil, or gasoline and see how quickly small beautiful sparks turn into dark orange flames.
  • In the same manner, in a body with less sugar, cancer cells will work at a slower pace. Once these cells get hold of sugar- then magic happens and even the weakest of cancerous cells grow to an uncontrollable level.

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Second Part goes like this:

  • Researchers checked a group of people who hardly had any sugar in their daily diet. In normal cases, a person who has less sugar than the recommended quantity- would feel lethargic.
  • This is true in the case of a healthy person and even a person who suffers from cancer.
  • But the chilling difference is that when the inflow of sugar lessens into the body- cancerous cells become aggressive.
  • They are on a savage hunt for starch and sugar that already exists in the body. Just as the saying goes- ‘Survival of the Fittest’, here for the survival of the cancerous cells, they manage to absorb all the sugar from the body and nearby healthy cells- thereby making the body weaker.

The Bottom Line

So, going back to our question: Should we get tensed about this Sweet Cancerous Connection?

Yes, because it drains the body of its vitamins, sugars, and proteins and makes it weak.

Also, the research found out that there is not much point in reducing the sugar intake to negligible levels. If the body consumes some sugar, at least the body will gain some energy to build immunity and slowly gain resistance.

But, if no sugar is consumed, only healthy cells die away and still cancer cells will survive by eating into what energy is remaining within us.

So, no point fearing- but yes, eat healthy sugars, plus proteins and vegetables to fight back these treacherous cancerous cells.

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