Teenage is the time when our bodies undergo many functional, chemical and physical changes that are known to show their manifestations on the skin in various parts of the body in various forms. It may be an acne breakout that appears from nowhere, some form of warts that appear on the face and look visibly ugly or it may be the excessive oily skin that imparts a irritating shine that could not be controlled. Described here are some common such problems and what we can do about it.


This is known to be the single most irritating skin problem that affects the teenagers. As part of the growth process, the hormonal levels produced by the body increases which show its manifestation on the skin mostly the face. It can come in the form of an occasional pimple or blemish and for girls it might indicate the beginning of menstrual cycle. In the more serious cases, these occasional breakouts can take the form of chronic acne which is manifested in the forms of whiteheads, blackheads and puss filled projections from the skin.

Tips to control Acne:

It may not be possible to totally avoid the acne breakout as it is a part of the bodily changes that one undergoes with age. But in most of the cases, maintaining good skin hygiene is always advised. Several acne fighting creams available in the stores which contain benzoyl peroxide can really help in fighting this condition. But the products need to be rotated so that their effectiveness can be maintained.

Oily skin

It is often found to be the case that oily skin and acne appear together and the former can be the cause of latter in many cases. Having excessive oily skin primarily doesn't look good and apart from that it attracts a lot of dust and foreign particles which may be harmful if they stick for a long time on your skin. This condition appears due to the malfunctioning of the oil glands that connect to the skin pores , which tend to produce more oil than is required for the affected people.

Tips to control oily skin

Agents who shut down or soak up the excess oil production work very well in these cases. Products that contain alcohol act as drying solutions and are helpful to fight oily skin. Blotting products which are specially treated sheets can also be considered, wherein the excess oil is effectively soaked and removed from the skin. If the above methods do not work , and if the problem is really serious , then laser treatment of the skin can be thought of , which interacts with the oil glands and kind of puts them in a dormant condition for some period of time , effectively reducing the oil production.

Make sure that you do not use the harsh soaps repeatedly as it is not good for skin. Instead use a mild cleansing agent for washing your face.

Excessive sweating

Heavy sweating is also a common problem during the teenage time which is found to affect many. This condition is called "hyperhidrosis" and affects face, palms, soles and under arms.

Tips to control excessive sweating

The treatment of this condition includes surgeries, that are minimally invasive and which target the sweat glands. Other option is Botox that is used for wrinkle treatment as well. Apart from these options, some general recommendations are:

  • Using clothes that are made from natural fibers like cotton etc which are coolants and good absorbents.
  • Avoid hot and spicy food which triggers sweat.
  • Using shoes with absorbent inner soles.