Individuality,the measure of maturity,is that which mark a clear distinction between a child and a man.Self-Dependency is to be guided into proper channel and the same should be started at this stage.This not only include making a child capable to tie shoelace,eat himself etc. but also making him capable of decision making.

Self esteem is a collection of feelings we have about ourselves.Healthy self-esteem is a child's armor against the challenges of his environment.Kids who feel good about themselves seem to have better resistance against negative pressures.This also help in a proper decision making.In contrast,kids with low esteem take challenges as sources of major anxiety and frustration.


  • Learning to roll over after dozens of unsuccessful attempts teaches a baby a 'Can Do' attitude.This is like try,fail,again try n finally succeed.Success may not be the end result always.Heard once from a parent,"My son was moving towards lighted candle,i saw tht,but didnt stop him,he got a minor burn but never did he attempt that again..".
    The approach may vary with you all,because the child is yours.But the moral is that 'the child learned something of his own from the failure!'.See here, this guidance is one of the most important duties as a parent because this has got direct relation with personality development of the child.Here are a few tips..
  • Dont forget to praise your child for any attempts,remember to reward for effort and completion,instead of outcome.
  • Your child may mirror you,because in childhood,parents are the role-models for their kids.So nurture your own self-esteem and give a good role model for your child.
  • Help kids set more accurate standards and be more realistic in evaluating themselves. Inaccurate perceptions of self can take root and become reality to kids.
    Eg:if you say he/she score less in a subject,the child firm a root that "I'm bad in the subject!".Here,an ideal approach is to respond like "You are not bad, it's just that you have to spend more time on this subject !"
  • Being affectionate can boost your child's self-esteem to a great extend.Give praise frequently and honestly without overdoing it.Kids who don't feel safe or are abused at home will suffer immensely from low self-esteem.


  • Did you ever notice,the kids like to wear elder's shoes.They are asking for a recognition that they are grown.Just ask for some help from them in some aspects,and you will notice the magic !