Every parent wishes to be the best parent in the world. But when the life turns into reality, most of the parents fail to remain best parents or at least good parents. How to know if you are good parents to your children? Is there any easy method to understand if your parenting styles are proper?

There can't be any specific rules or guidelines for parenting. Parenting is, in fact the interpersonal relationship between parents and children. The depth, intensity or the methods or relationship is highly personal and what works between few parents and children may not be the same for certain parents and children.

There are multiple aspects to be considered to decide how the kids are to be brought up and what approach parents should adapt to grow up kids in the best way. Yet, behavioral experts suggest few general aspects and approaches that are generally regarded as the elements of good parenting and being good parents to children.

Tips for becoming a good parent

Expressing love and affection is the most important way of making good parents. Many parents say that they love their kids more than any parent does, yet their kids complain of less affectionate and less loved parents. Love and affection, when not expressed is worthless.

Parents need to make their kids feel that they love the children. Telling it to kids or expressions like a hug may accomplish this purpose. Give them gifts and be lavish in highlighting the good works of kids. Gentle cuddle, encouragement, appreciation etc., can boost the confidence of kids and feel them that parents love them and stand for them always.


Never criticize your kids destructively. Always wear a smile when you talk to your kids. When you love your kids, let it be unconditional. Maintain a mutual respect with your kids. Consider them as complete human beings, not your assistants or immature beings. Though kids need your help always, make them feel that they are capable of doing things even without your assistance. This will make them confident enough.

If you teach your kids to respect your privacy, then give them the same in return. Rules and regulations should be followed by both the parties. Show them how to live instead of just telling them the same. Advices seldom work on kids and they learn to live by observing people around them, irrespective the quality.

Children need the care and concern of parents. Never let them feel avoided or unwanted. Talk to them and listen to them always. Children like talking and they demand parents to be good listeners. Never obstruct the talks of children or interfere. Let them express all their feelings to you and through this, you can understand what they really want and how they feel about you.

Being good parents is making kids happier and safer. Do not quarrel with spouse before the children, as they may feel unsafe or insecure.

Favoritism is another must to avoid aspect in parenting. If you have multiple kids, do not exhibit favoritism towards any particular one. Make all children feel that you love them equally. Never compare between your kids and do not ask one kid to be like the other. Choosing sides when children argue or punishing one kid when others are also involved in the crime etc., is quite unfair and destructive. When settling issues between kids, be neutral and fair.

Good parents are to be consistent in their parenting styles. If you ask kids to follow certain rules, then apply the same rules always. Do not be flexible according to your comfort. Rules are to be rules what may happen. This approach will infuse into kids the feeling of importance of obeying parents always. Be good to yourself that is the way of being good parents.