Night time is a blissful time for a very few babies, children, teenagers and adults. But unfortunately, not many people get a full night’s rest and there could many reasons behind this. Some of them are:


Body ill health

Social and external pressures

Maybe the bed is not cosy enough

There could be a lot of sound disturbances during their sleep time

Bad disturbing dreams or thoughts

Anxiety disorders

This list could be further broken into many factors and reasons why a person whether young or old could suffer from lack of good sleep.

Here we would like to highlight a few Ayurvedic sleep solutions to this:

Keep away gadgets: As technology seeps into all of our lives, we are unaware of the space it makes way into out mind, rest time, and even peaceful thinking. In the same way, when we consider babies - songs, bright colours, cartoon characters, and such similar things which are being watched during late evenings- tend to stick on to their minds, and can be disturbing their thoughts. Once disturbed and if they begin to cry, they will have a hard time getting into a secure mindset to sleep peacefully.

Soft colours: Ensure that the room is always painted and decorated with soft colours. No neon lights should be glistening at night, and do not have any stuff dangling from the roof or the side walls. You can choose light blue, or purple, baby pink, as that has a calming effect on the mind.

No lights in room: The darker the room, the better babies, toddlers, children and adults sleep. If the child does get scared, lie down with the child, and put on a dim light until the baby goes off to sleep. The goal is to remove any fear that they have before going to sleep.

Oil massage: As per Ayurveda, oil has a cooling effect on your body and helps to sleep well. So, before the baby has a bath- give then a slight oil massage and then bathe them off with warm water. This will keep cool and indirectly induces sleep quickly. For this, we advice to use regular virgin coconut oil, massage the body for about 15-20 minutes; and then give them a bath.

Lullaby or story: Soothing songs or stories with a moral behind it is always beneficial to make the child happy and it induces a calm sleep for the child. In the case of teenagers and adults, see that they don’t watch much of violence packed films.

Moderate diet: Shun out those salty crackers, sugary and fizzy drinks. Instead enjoy fresh juices, and healthy snacks or nuts or protein bars, if you are on a hunger pang. This eases the digestive system and that would stomach upsets. Once stomach and mind are at ease, everyone is bound to have a calm sleep.

Live simple, and know what upsets your baby the most. Ensure that they are free of their fears, and physical upsets before bedtime. Take a look at studies conducted on child sleep.