You can well anticipate the pulsating bliss of motherhood all through your pregnancy. The sheer joys of being a mother are greatly fulfilling. But, in order that both you and your precious little one are safe and sound, there are precautions to take and means to adopt, so that you are able to sail yourself to the rollicking peak of motherhood. Don'ts of pregnancy are as many as the dos.

Precautions to be taken during pregnancy

Caring for yourself is dimensionally different from caring for the fledgling fetus that has stricken its roots inside you. So, when you are pregnant your priority multiplies. You need to care as much for yourself as for the growing fetus. With it multiplies the list of dos and don'ts of pregnancy. Precautionary measures are important not only for yourself; but also for that growing little bundle.

The way you nurture and look after yourself is bound to tell on the health and faculties of your newborn babe. There are umpteen numbers of dos and don'ts. But for the sake of convenience and health, you need to be aware of some of the essential ones.

Remember, it is a living organism that you are nestling and the whole process is not only challenging but also delicate. Rather than going into the logical part- as to how it is undesirable, it is important to lay your trust in the causal relation of cause and effect. There are inductive evidences to prove why the following are not to be done when you are pregnant.

Pregnancy & smoking • One of the don'ts of pregnancy

There are evidences to prove that smoking is counterproductive to pregnancy. In fact, passive smoking is as harmful as firsthand smoking. Smoking in any form during pregnancy is highly undesirable.

Consequences ranging from spontaneous termination down to low birth weight are the likely fallouts of smoking. It can also unleash the possibilities of premature births.

There can be no two thoughts about the destructive content of nicotine. Nicotine by itself is damaging to general health; its fallout on the health of the growing fetus can be devastating enough to make you steer clear of it.

Drinking during pregnancy? Avoid it completely

Alcoholism and pregnancy are mutually inimical to one another. "FAS"- what is commonly known as the "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome" happens to be one of its damaging fallouts.

It is all the more likely, if boozing is continued too frequently, beyond the point of control. Growth retardation and malformation in the growing fetus are some of the likely consequences of 'FAS'.

It can also contribute to retardation in the cognitive ability of the growing children. Defects and deformations congenital in nature are more than likely if you are given to unabated bouts of boozing during pregnancy.

Be careful about medication during pregnancy

There are research based evidences to show that unguided use drugs and medications can spell dangers for the growing fetus. While certain drugs may be safe for use, there are many others which aren't. Some of the analgesics and supplements of Vitamin A are to be avoided during pregnancy. Certain medications meant used as anti-biotins and anti-inflammatory purposes aren't safe enough as well.

So, before resorting to any medication, it is preferable to have it checked out with your consulting physician/gynecologist. Use of unsafe drugs and those sold without prescription (OTC drugs) need to be avoided during pregnancy. You have to be on your guard during the initial trimester of conception- when the fetus in likely to go through with its facial, physical and neurological developments.

Besides increasing the likelihood of widely ranging physical malformations, some of the common ill-effects of unsafe medication include maladies and malformation in the nervous system. Retarded formation can in turn give way to cleft palate, facial deformities and poorly formed cognitive faculties.

Chemicals including those carried by fumes and pesticides are to be avoided because of similar reasons.

Avoid junk palate during pregnancy

By now, you must be fully acquainted with the nexus between nutritional relevance and pregnancy - how each and every nutrient is important for the developing fetus.Thus; you see why junk food should not fit your bill of palate during the precious days of pregnancy.

Despite its entire platter to your taste buds, junk food is unable to provide for the all important supply of protein, minerals and vitamins. Food rich in nutrition and health is the pillar of resilience during pregnancy. But, if you stuff yourself with burgers, hot-dog and French fries, you will miss out on counts of nutrition.

Hot soaking & exposure to cathode rays during pregnancy

Hot soaking is as much injurious as overt exposure to cathode rays. While exposure to X-ray spells forth minimum risks, exposure to cathode rays and that of hot soaking increase the chances of miscarriages. Water beds with electrified heaters and sauna include the don'ts of pregnancy for the same reasons.

Toxoplasmosis during pregnancy

With cats being prone to toxoplasmosis, it is important that you stay away from your kitten's waste boxes. Fecal matter of cat happens to be one of the most vulnerable sources. The disease if contracted can give rise to fetal defects.

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