The mundane mediocrity of mechanized existence proves to be dull and boring. This boredom increases manifold times with the stressful condition of pregnancy. Things tend to become even more serious as well as tedious, in case you are kept under constant observation, with someone elderly breathing down your neck. Though boredom may be a part and parcel of pregnancy, particularly in its final trimester, there are ways to blow away the cobwebs without seeking to be far-fetched and risky.

Boredom during pregnancy- some of the realities

Having to grapple with frequent urination, backaches and above all curious glances from onlookers can add to the boredom during pregnancy. Friends and relatives with all their meaningful advice and unasked for suggestion can do more harm than good.

In fact, an entire brunt of conversation may relate merely to the unborn little one, its growth, movements & things such as these. You can expect a few agony aunts creeping in with unnecessary bits of information, good enough to have shivers down the spine. Repeated bouts of heartburn can also kill the joys of your eager anticipation.

Depression induced by pregnancy can also aggravate the bouts of boredom. Remember, pregnancy by itself can be pretty boring and you can only add to your woes by way of brooding and picking up uncalled for tips. Relaxation is the need of the hour, exactly what the doctor orders.

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Tips to relieve boredom during pregnancy

If bouts of boredom during pregnancy become too frequent moving you to the point of anxiety, there are reasons to solicit medical advice. Instead of depending on friends and acquaintances, it is preferable checking out with the consulting gynecologist/obstetrician for the needful. Depression induced mood swings and spells of boredom can be done away with counseling.

In case talks and guesses about the fledgling unborn and its gender issues are making you have kittens, do make a firm assertion as to the same. Come clear with the fact that anything other than pregnancy and its aftermath may be entertained by you. At times ignorance is bliss. The saying is particularly relevant to some of the volatile woes of pregnancy.

Don't try to find out too many things about childbirth, delivery, and nutritional requirements. At least, avoid picking up such issues with friends and laymen. They may bore the hell out of you with repeated queries of care and concern.

You certainly need to be acquainted with facts, realities and nutritional requirements, but then it is always better to check out with books, pamphlets, concerned specialists rather than friends and self-acclaimed philosophers. The period with its own share of weal and woe can make you pretty cheesed off and emotional.

It is important to have the heart to heart talk to someone nice and special. But here again, you need to steer clear of agony aunts and self acclaimed philosophers.

It is better to confide in a counselor or someone sailing through pregnancy as you.Try to avoid household work of repetitive nature because it not only adds an edge to your dull drudgery but also activates stress hormones. Recent researches throw light on the same.

Fun things to do during pregnancy

  1. Add to the quality of your interaction. You can also indulge in group activities involving friends similarly pregnant like you. This one great tip you can do to avoid boredom when you are pregnant.
  2. Kitty parties, meeting over luncheon/dinner, theme parties and birthday celebrations can help you relieve boredom during pregnancy.
  3. In course of your maternity leave, development of a new skill or a hobby can serve to reduce your boredom blues when you are pregnant. If you are creatively oriented, make use of the time in constructive pursuit of your resourcefulness.
  4. Oil, glass or fabric painting can help you do away with spells of brooding and that of boredom. While dancing may not be all that desirable, singing a song in full throated glory can help you freshen up.
  5. Go for self pampering as that can help enliven your mood and do away with woes and anxieties. Book a spa in advance and avail yourself of a special package meant for pregnant women.
  6. Bouts of massaging from trained specialists will leave you motivated both mentally as well as physically. Try out new dresses and fads of fashion, particularly those meant for pregnant women.
  7. Think how exciting, you would be looking in your nursing bras and gown.
  8. Plan out how you will do up your baby's room, concentrate on the little tit-bits and nuances of décor to be thrown up.
  9. Planning out the details of your baby shower is also one of the colorful incentives- serving to keep you pepped up with joy and vitality.
  10. Instead of brooding over the growth curve of your little bundle, help out your spouse/partner in lining up things for the baby shower.
  11. Spend quality time with your spouse/partner. Plan out a romantic evening with him or surprise him by arranging for a candle light dinner at home.
  12. Concentration on prenatal exercises can prove to be both enlivening as well as revitalizing. You needn't overdo or go beyond the optimized limit. But regularized regimen of antenatal exercising is good for the mind as well as body.

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