Thumb sucking is a sort of zone where a child feels calm and at peace. So, since children, babies, and research streamlined into the present world – there have been a lot of discussions about whether a child should be encouraged or not.

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Some say it is fine to let them suck their fingers, while some say a flat NO. What do you think about it?

If you are confused or have no special opinion about it, maybe you need to read the latest research that concerns this subject. Place an open mind and read on. 

What is Thumb Sucking?

It is a natural action whereby a baby or even toddlers or small children suck their thumbs, fingers and sometimes even pacifiers.

Why do they do so?

Well, it has been observed over ages that they feel at ease and it is a natural self- soothing action that children do. Most of the children suck and fall off to sleep on their own. Often the action mimics their need to suckle on their mother’s breast. It is essentially for a feeling of protection and soothing, more than anything else. 

Research Studies on Thumb Sucking

Thumb Suck and you are much more immune!

Yes, this is a fact and it has been proven at the Mc Master University .

As per the research, it has been noticed that children who suck their thumbs or even bite their nails, tend to less allergy sensitivities.

It is true that this is a bad habit, but in the midst of all that- the children develop a bigger immunity power.

Studies show that the children will not be affected to dust mites, cats, airborne fungus, grass, or horse and flowers.

The Contrast:

It seems funny, but when children are exposed to germs and many types of dirt at a young age through sucking, their immune system is stronger and more prepared to fight of the germs quickly. 

This is the same in the case of children who bit their nails. The younger the person is, the more immunity he/she has. 

What must you understand?

Thumb sucking is not good on the whole, but if it a silent immunity booster, maybe we don’t have to be so harsh on that baby habit. What do you think?

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Sleeping Problems and Thumb Sucking

At the Valley Health System , the researchers did a study on thumb sucking,

The topic of focus was how babies slept, and how often they woke up and so on. 

The study showed that children wake up at least 3-4 times at night.

This has to do with the way the children fall asleep.

For example, if the child has fallen to sleep themselves (by doing the thumb sucking action), then they tend to sleep a longer time. They will wake only during any natural arousals like when they are hungry, or want to pee etc.

Another example is that, if the child is put to sleep in an artificial manner like continual nursing or rocking, this is bound to disturb the baby.

It is because they are made to sleep by force and they fall asleep because of the cosiness and warmth attached to it. Once that leaves their body, then they wake up and cry in search for it.

What must you understand?

Train your child to fall asleep by themselves. In short, thumb sucking is a good pacifier and helps babies sleep for long periods of time.

Here, thumb sucking is not recommended. Instead, parents are required to lie down with the child, sing songs, keep gadgets away and that can make their sleep so much better.

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Uh, oh... Pacifiers could spoil your kid’s speech!!

At the BioMed Central , there was a research done on the impact of thumb sucking on the child.

What their research brought out was that- it does not lead to a very good result.

They found that sucking with fingers, or pacifiers or maybe with bottles will lead to some form of speech disorder.

Of course, this problem is not caused during breastfeeding.

Another aspect that had been noticed if children practised this act of sucking for more than 3 years, then the negative effects in the body.

What must you understand?

Thumb sucking is often viewed as a silent and hassle free consoler for children. But, this research has shown another of this habit. So, when your child does this, it may be wise to let them go of this habit unconsciously. 

This goes to say that, they should not feel that they are being stopped. Offer them encouragement and other pots of thought to stay away from thumb sucking.