'Firangi': Light hearted, laced with humour

"Firangi" is not an out-and-out laugh riot, but nevertheless despite a weak story, the film is well-picturised and punctuated with humour at appropriate junctures. Set in the pre-Independence era circa 1921, it is the tale of Mangatram (Kapil Sharma) aka "Manga," who works for the British. Manga, from Behrampur, because of ......Read Full Review

'Firangi': A deliriously enjoyable film even for non-Kapil fans

In his second - and far superior to the first - outing as a feature-film star, Kapil Sharma has a special skill. He kicks ass. Literally. With one foot in the butt, he can heal the most stubborn backaches. It doesn't take long for the curious British officer - yes, "Firangi" is set in the colonial Raj - to hone in on our hero Manga's ......Read Full Review