'Mohalla Assi': Provocative, pungent, relevant

There is a lot to be said about Varanasi, the holy city at the riverbank of the Ganga where culture and religion are the twin life savers. Everything including gangajal is for sale in Varanasi. Based on Hindi litterateur Kashi Nath Singh's "Kashi Ka Assi", a scathing indictment of merchandised religiosity in Varanasi, Dwivedi's ......Read Full Review

'Mohalla Assi': Astutely mounted but verbose and clunky

One of the opening frames of the narrative tells us that the film is, "Dedicated to Lord Shiva and the people and culture of Varanasi". Director Chandraprakash Dwivedi's "Mohalla Assi" is loosely based on Dr. Kashi Nath Singh's popular Hindi novel "Kashi Ka Assi". It is a satire on the commercialisation of Assi, a ......Read Full Review