'Simmba': When crude is cool

As far as getting a kick out of the movie-viewing experience is concerned, there is nothing like a larger-than-life over-the-top drama on social awakening. "Simmba" is a kick in the groin for all rapists, and potential rapists. I doubt rape will decline after this film. But at least those who think of violating women would blush a ......Read Full Review

'Simmba': Ranveer Singh roars in this masala entertainer

Critical opinion on a Rohit Shetty film may vary wildly, simply because it is a masala entertainer where one expects the magic on screen, the magic of entertainment, albeit, sans rationality, and that is where the opinions differ. Some may find "Simmba" silly to a point but overall, most would agree that this film is pretty good, ......Read Full Review