The much loved couple did have a private wedding ceremony in Italy and yeah, their fans were not amused about that decisions. 

Image Source: IANS

It is not always common to see such a grand wedding today. But, Ranveer and Deepika have proved that just as much as they are passionate towards their work, they also love and pamper the guests who were invited for their wedding reception at Mumbai.

You must have seen the Bollywood stunning couple celebrities who made their special presence felt at the reception.

If you have had a lovely time checking out the attire that lovely couple wore for their wedding, then now they have a new exciting twist to their reception attire. You will love them even more!

A sincere clap to the wonder persons who created that extravagant look for this couple!

Now, this is a fine collection of the people who create headlines- in sports as well as in the Film industry.

Love to take a look? Scroll on to see how each of them showed up at the party!