'Tu Hai Mera Sunday': Gem of a film

Once in a while in my long career as a movie fanatic, I come across a sparkling gem that reminds me there's still so much to see, so many places to go, for Indian cinema. First-time feature filmmaker Milind Dhaimade takes us into places where we all have visited at one time or another. And I don't mean only Mumbai, which like many memorable films ......Read Full Review

'Tu Hai Mera Sunday': A unexpectedly moving sunshine film

Treated as a rom-com with a blend of sunshine and dead-pan comedy, this is a simple feel-good film that is trendy and contemporary. With a set of unhappy people in the fertile turf of Mumbai City, Director Milind Dhaimande's "Tu Hai Mera Sunday" showcases life in this metro. Through the lives of five friends; Arjun, Jayesh, Domi, Rashid ......Read Full Review