Oops, do you plan to reveal your darkest love secrets to your partner? Just wait a sec, and you’ll know why you shouldn’t reveal a relationship secret. 

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Yep, we all have those sweet or rather weak moments in life, wherein we skip a beat when we pass by someone who we fantasize. No issues guys, after all – we are all humans!

But, that does not mean those ideas that you are cooking up in your head are that ethical or good in terms of family relationships.

So we need to find a solution, don’t we?

The world can lure us into temptations and you are not fully to blame. I personally blame a couple of other factors like:

  • Stress
  • Job Pressure
  • Internet (surely, we can never forget the devilish contribution from porn)
  • Lack of communication from your partner
  • Old relations turn stale (about 8+ years into married and lol, people get bored of each other)
  • Friends (we all have that one naughty friend all ready to spice up our life)

These happen to be the ones who interact with us daily, but there are so many sources that offer to help us astray.

It is upto us to choose when we need to another relationship undercover.

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To hide or not to Hide

If you are the goody – goody guy or gal, I know you may think- what's the need for this?

True, and I agree.

But there are many couples who have fallen into a sluggish mess because:

They may have got in a relationship out of curiosity (Hmm, curiosity kills the cat!)

Or else, someone would have lured them into an unwanted friendship. This could have started out of sympathy, or just cordial official meetings.

Well, sometimes the heart is never obedient and so if your brain compels to be naughty, so does your body. Blame yourself, is all I can say.

What do relationship experts suggest?

All they suggest is that: If your partner is not broad- minded and if you think they cannot tolerate this- it is best that you remain with your mouth shut.


Seems like there have many men and women who started off for fun, then stopped out of guilt, and finally confessed to their partners. So far so good!

After that, even if they have come out clean from their mistake- they always seem to carry an air of doubt around them. An unwanted look, a silly comment at the opposite sex, and boom!

The relationship goes all haywire!

Problem: Your partner will never ever gain the complete trust that they have had before in life.

Do you want to get into such a risk?

Relationships Secrets that need to be shushed down

The list is rated on the basis of gravity of the problem- the last ones being the most harmful.

Pre marital affairs

Okay, for all those who have hopped through high school, and then graduation- will understand the bliss of your first crush. For most, even if you split at a later point of life- that relationship seems to be the sweetest of the lot.

Warning: If your partner is traditional, it is best any affair before marriage remains a silent story. By chance, you meet this friend at a later point of life- just have a cordial communication and move on.


Lust, may happen a couple of times and it does not necessarily mean that you get into any serious relationships. Just a feeling, that could pass off.  Such lust feelings and emotions should take a backstage – especially if you feel it for another person. Matters get even worse- if your partner knows the person too well.

Comment is a no- no

Your partner has a defect- its fine. No one is perfect, but just don’t state it right at their face. It hurts a lot. You can mention it in a loving way and encourage them to rectify such problems. But do no make the mistake of comparing your partner’s errors with another person. That is going o disrupt all relations and it is best that it remains a secret.

Fantasy Dreams

A lil enjoyment once in while is surely entertainment for anyone. But when the piece of fantasy happens to be someone apart from your partner- then the story will end having a foul flavour. Keep your fantasy dreams to yourself and love your partner – they way they are! The moment you are alone- it ain’t too bad to take dreamy fantasy plunge!


Just like the comments are a complete disaster idea, so are the comparisons. Got fav actors and actress up your sleeve. Let them remain there! If your spouse has an edge of jealousy in his/her mind, you are doomed. No comparisons, just enjoy those ‘other’ creations of God silently. 

The Other One

The Other One always seems to be a problem. Whatever be your reason- it could be mental peace, or stress relievers- this sort of explanation is just not digestible by your spouse. So, quit trying, my friend.

If there was one, and you have chosen to close that wall, do not open it back in the form of confession. It won’t work and may bring your marriage to a stand still. What is gone, is gone.

Move on, bury your dark love secrets and live the golden moments with your family.