Published On: Feb 21, 2018

'6 Atthiyayam' is an anthology of six stories helmed by 6 different director's of various genres where they arrive together towards the climax.

Cast: Thaman Kumar, SS Stanly, Sanjeev
Crew: Ajayan Bala (Director), Cable Sankar (Director), EAV Suresh (Director), Lokesh Rajendran (Director), Shankar Thiyagarjan (Director), Sridhar Venkatesan (Director), Arun Mozhi Chozan (Director of Photography), Arunmani Palani (Director of Photography), CJ Rajkumar (Director of Photography), Mano Raja (Director of Photography), Pon Kasirajan (Director of Photography), Jose Franklin (Music Director), Sam CS (Music Director), Sathish Kumar (Music Director), Taj Noor (Music Director)
Production House: ASCII Media Hut, Lights On Media
Rating: A (India)
Genres: Drama, Horror
Release Dates: 23 Feb 2018 (India)
Tamil Name: 6 அத்தியாயம்

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