People born between June 21 and July 22 belong to the Cancer zodiac. Cancerians are loving, understanding and sympathetic. They are kind and tender people who hate to see people, especially people less fortunate than them suffer. Negative side of people born under the cancer sign include being a little timid and retiring when they don't get the expected result.

The birthstone for zodiac sign Cancer is Emerald. Given below is general information about Emerald birthstone along with details about its varieties, features and how it influences people.

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Cancer Birthstone Emerald

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About birthstone Emerald

For good fortune and a happy married life people use Emerald. Emerald varieties include different precious stones belonging to the ‘beryl’ family.

Features of Emerald gemstone : Reflecting varying shades of green, Emerald was hailed as the ‘talisman’ for Goddess Venus.

Influence of emerald birthstone on people

  • Enhances patience, fortitude and grit
  • Serves to soothe strain and fatigue.
  • Helps to reduce fear and anxiety.
  • Good for marital happiness and fidelity.
  • Provides relief from certain ailments pertaining to digestion and that of epilepsy.
  • Helps to control bleeding.

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