Given below is today's, (Wednesday, August 12) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Aquarius & Gemini zodiac combination.

Today is a creative day for you. Think outside the box and try to explore how to make the day interesting for the two of you. Instead of the monotonous every day hanging out after work and going to the same place for coffee can be ruled out and something new and exciting should be planned instead.

Taking a half day from work can be a start. Try activities you have not tried before. The quirkier the activities, the better it is. You can do crazy things like dancing in public if you feel like it. Today is a day to go crazy and out of your way to celebrate your union. Therefore, do not let anything stop you. Be free.
You two are of sensitive yet free minded personalities. You like to be guided by your own instincts and live life on your terms. At the same time, you are aware of others’ expectations on you and respect them. Therefore, to sum it up, you two are free individuals with a sense of compromise. Till date, you have been living on terms set by others. Today is good day to set the crazy ideas free.

Do not make plans prior to meeting. It will be a great idea to meet up, randomly land up in a place and start your adventure from there. Water sports will be a great idea as you are as unpredictable as water today and the energy and vibrations from the water will add impetus to your plans today.

Lucky colors – orange, moss green
Lucky numbers – 3, 13, 21, 29, 36

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