Given below is today's, (Thursday, August 13) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Sagittarius & Cancer zodiac combination.

You seem to have fallen into a romantic tangle and this problem has been caused by your stubborn refusal to listen to your own heart. You insist on doing what is safe and logical and expected, but your heart will be having none of it.

You tend to treat everything with a smile while taking care not to step on any toes. But your love life is getting rather confusing now. You are highly attracted towards someone whom you deem to be quite unsuitable for you and completely different from the type of person you generally prefer to be with. But unfortunately love has never listened to reason or convenience. Your problem is that you are involving other people in your confusion and this can hurt others needlessly. You need to realize that the person whom you are using as an excuse to avoid the other person, to whom you are really attracted, is likely to be hurt by the entire scenario.

Your undecided stance and refusal to recognize your own feelings will be rather discouraging for your partner or any other person who is involved with you at this moment. You need to take a decision regarding your romantic life and failure to do this is going to prove rather frustrating for all those around you. However, you will be too confused and torn between different feelings to be able to take a concrete decision. Instead, you should avoid all those who are affecting your emotions. Instead, take some time to sort through your options.

Lucky color: orange, saffron, ochre
Lucky number: 1, 43, 67

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