About QJ Motor

QJmotor, or Qian Jiang, is a company under the Geely group that specializes in motorcycles, engines and key components. Over the decades, it has developed cutting-edge technology in sophisticated equipments and has exported its products to over 130 countries and regions. It has an exclusive range of 2-wheelers, each categorized into Advance, Commute, Scooter, Cub and Electric.

QJmotors has around 15 models of Advance 2 wheelers for adventure seekers. Among them include 2 with high end performances. The Commute range has have their names etched in the automobile industry. Among Scooters come a style driven section in variations of retro. There is Sports and Family Commuter along with Neo Classic, Urban, Modern Retro, Retro, and Classic Retro. The Cub category house 2 types: the Sports Commuter and the Business Transporter. The more environment positive electric scooters with chic designs have the astonishing Sleek E-scooter, Chic E-scooter, Neo E-scooter, and the E-Adventure .

QJ Motor Bike Models

QJ Motor SRC250 Photo

QJ Motor SRC250

₹1.99 lakh - ₹2.1 lakh

On Road Price Coming Soon
QJ Motor SRC500 Photo

QJ Motor SRC500

₹2.69 lakh - ₹2.79 lakh

On Road Price Coming Soon

Price Range: ₹1.99 lakh - ₹2.79 lakh