Advertising has become one of the most vital aspects of marketing in the modern world. When you create a new product or bring a new service to the market, your first job is to let your customers know that the product or service is now available for consumption. Advertising is the art of getting the word out about your new product or to popularize an older product. Even if your product has long dominated the market, new companies are always presenting stiffer competition. In that case advertising is required to communicate to your customers regarding the qualities of your product. Advertising uses a vast number of avenues including the print media, the electronic media and the social media. As an expert in advertising, your job will be to increase the exposure of your product in the market and to convince the customers to buy them over other similar products. You will need to be completely familiar with several aspects of the task ranging from copywriting to managing a total publicity campaign. With increasing competition, advertising has become an indispensible tool of marketing, even for necessary goods like medicines.

Career options in advertising

If you specialize in advertising, you can find employment in a number of avenues. These are:

  • Large corporate houses, departmental stores, companies manufacturing everything from needle to automobiles require advertising personnel to effectively design their marketing campaigns.
  • Even public bodies like tourism boards or conservation boards require the expertise of marketing to attract people and increase awareness.
  • You can join large public relations firms or can set up your own advertising firms.
  • Televisions, film studios and celebrities also employ people in advertising.
  • Market research organizations are another possible avenue of employment. You can also enter the academic life and teach advertising in colleges.

Approximate salary at the entry level

Your approximate salary at the entry level will depend on your talent and creativity as well as the institute that employs you. If you have the knack of effectively communicating your message, you can earn quite well even at the entry level.

Pre qualifications necessary for the course

In order to have a career in advertising, you need to cross the following stages:

  • Complete your +2 level, preferably with social science or humanities. An inclination for creative art, media art or photography can be greatly beneficial.
  • You can complete a three year undergraduate course in mass communication. Advertising is often offered as a part of amalgamated course in mass communication and public relations.
  • Few colleges also offer undergraduate degree in advertising.
  • You can complete your studies with a post graduate diploma in advertising and public relations.
  • Creativity, talent for drawing or photography and excellent communication skills are essential for a successful career in advertising.

Best places in India to study the course

The top institutes of India where you can study advertising are as follows:

  • Delphi School of Digital Marketing, Delhi
  • WLC College India, Indore
  • Candid School of Communication, Kolkata
  • Indian Institute of Learning and Advanced Development, Gurgaon
  • Pearl Academy, Delhi
  • Delhi School of Communication, Delhi
  • International Institute of Mass Media, Delhi
  • Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi

Best places in the world to study the course

The top institutes of the world where you can study advertising are:

  • university Of Texas
  • university Of California
  • university Of Minnesota
  • university Of Wisconsin
  • university Of Pennsylvania
  • university Of Miami
  • new York University
  • boston University
  • drake University
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