April 23, 2013 - London, UK - 18 Carlton House Terrace. A home in London, is set to become the most expensive property ever sold in the UK after it went on the market for £250million, London, UK, ... Image Source: IANS

April 23, 2013 - London, UK - 18 Carlton House Terrace. A home in London, is set to become the most expensive property ever sold in the UK after it went on the market for £250million, London, UK, Tuesday, April 23, 2013. (Credit Image:

In spite, of students jockeying in large numbers overseas education isn't a piece of cake. Other than having to break the bounds of qualifying tests and that of visa acquisition, money happens to be the most important deal. Investment of all your savings or that of your family's may prove to be too risky. In such a scheme of things, it is common having students banking on scholarships. After all, to realize the objective of overseas learning you cannot afford to go for broke.

British scholarship - General Information

  • Much to the delight of many seeking to strike the shores of UK, a string of British scholarship is in the offing.
  • British scholarships for studying in UK are offered as sponsors from the country's government.
  • Scholarships of the UK government come as a transactional process between two countries ie., UK & country to which you belong. It is paid by the former to the latter
  • Mostly, you are required to apply at least a year in advance, from the time the course is supposed to commence.
  • The same time frame is relevant if you are keen on getting a grant.

British Council - Relevant source of information about scholarships & grants

  • The local office of the British council will make for a glimpse into different kinds and varieties of scholarships meant for foreign students.
  • Do bear in mind that scholarships of certain kinds are fiercely competitive.
  • In order to avail of scholarships or grants, you need to fulfill certain basic conditions.
  • It isn't possible to access grants or financial assistance of the same kind, after reaching UK. Such a facility is only available for pupils belonging to European Union.
  • In case of the absence of British Council, you may reach out to the embassy or foreign office for eliciting information of the same kinds.

British scholarships for foreign students - Application Procedure

  • After being in touch with the local office of the British council, it is necessary to contact the education ministry of your country.
  • Both the forums can enlighten you on varieties, factors of availability, terms and conditions relevant to different scholarships. Accordingly, you will be able to thrash out your process of application for scholarships/grants.
  • Grants of various kinds are also accessible. But with the growing competition, getting them can be a hassle prone job.
  • It is important to keep in mind that organizations doling out grants, insist due nomination of your candidature by the respective government of your country.

Specific varieties of British scholarships

  • CSFP- Relevant to students keen on postgraduate curriculum at the university level, CSFP or 'Commonwealth Scholarship & Fellowship Plan' also caters to students keen on research oriented studies and undergraduate programs. But the latter varieties are facilitated rarely.
  • Specially devised for postgraduate programs, you need to be a member and inhabitant of a commonwealth country during the time of application.
  • Commonwealth agency dealing with scholarships usually looks after the aspect of application. Fellowship program is meant for qualified teachers of universities or medical colleges.
  • British scholarships sponsored by FCO- With a view to boosting diplomatic and economic ties with nations around, 'British Chevening Scholarships' are provided to students all over the globe.
  • With high commissions & British embassies deciding the process of selection, students interested in postgraduate & research oriented programs are brought under its scope.
  • Also facilitating the study of second degree programs, professionals and students with PGs are preferred.
  • DFIDSSS- The scholarship is sponsored as a combined endeavor of UK's leading universities and the department looking into International Development.
  • It caters to the talented student base of developing countries.
  • Relevant only to the students belonging to commonwealth countries, it has an important condition.
  • Useful for students keen on postgraduate degrees, the existing scheme of sponsorship insists on the adoption of a developmental course as the subject of study.
  • With particular emphasis on streams of socio-economic relevance, the scholarship encourages students lacking in means and institutions of study. Interestingly, the sponsorship includes allowance, airfare, cost of living & study.
  • ORSAS- Essentially devised with the purpose of boosting research oriented studies, the scholarship by the name of 'Overseas Research Students Award Scheme' only caters to the differential cost of tuition fees.
  • Meant for postgraduate students of exceptional merit, your potentiality at research work is also focused upon.
  • In case, you are already into research with a mind on advanced program in any of the British universities, the awarding scheme will be most suitable.
  • The awarding scheme of scholarship is thrashed out on yearly basis. For availing this benefit, you need to apply via the desired British university or institution.