If studying abroad is a deliciously layered cake; studying abroad in US happens to be its delightful icing. With plenty of students jockeying for admission to some of its well rated institutions; there must be reasons driving them to the same. To go by one of the recent statistics; near about a million students from foreign shores make it to the resourceful country.

Why Choose US for overseas study

  • According to a recently taken ranking, United States of America- as one of the most prized educational location includes twelve top rated universities of the world.
  • Including more than 3,500 institutes for graduate & undergraduate studies; there exist well over thousand areas of academic options
  • Besides integrated communication between learning and research; use of technology based learning is one of the main attractions of US for overseas study
  • Extensive range of academic options, numerous institutions to choose from and world class faculty to be guided by are its other advantageous highlights
  • Blend of academic and extracurricular interactions adds to the socio cultural and physical development of students

Top US Universities

  • With its ancient origin, Harvard University not only leads the country but also the world in respect of higher learning. Inclusive of eleven separate learning constituents; the US’s most ancient center of learning has more than two thousand faculties to train graduates, undergraduates and those seeking continuing education. There are faculties taking care of diversely ranging fields of study. You can avail of options related to science , technology, art , culture, sports and those dealing with social change
  • Yale University with its three academic constituents happens to be one the top universities of US. Consisting of Yale College, professional schools and Graduate schools for arts & science; there exist an extensive range of programs and centers for improving socio cultural bonds. Yale College- one of its constituents takes care of undergraduate education. The esteemed university attracts more than eleven thousand students
  • The leading research institute popularly described as ‘Caltech’ or the “California Institute of Technology” includes six educational units. As suggested by its name; the world renowned institute has its prime focus on the areas of science, technology and engineering. The institute boasts of connections to world class scientists and Nobel Laureates

List of Top 13 US Universities

  • Harvard University
  • Yale University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • University of Chicago
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  • Princeton University
  • Columbia University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Stanford University
  • Duke University
  • University of Michigan
  • Cornell University
  • Johns Hopkins University

Eligibility criteria required for admission to US College /university

  • Conditions of eligibility are relatively tough when contrasted to other foreign destinations of study
  • You need to possess high grades, financial assistance in forms of scholarship and substantial hold over English for admission to US college or university
  • Sometimes specialized skill in extracurricular field , with certificates validating the same comes in handy
  • For enrolment to undergraduate course, you need to complete the format of 10 plus 2
  • With a post graduate course in view, you need to complete the academic format of 10 plus 2 plus 4
  • For admission at college level, you need to clear out ‘SAT’ or the “Scholastic Aptitude Test”- which helps measure your reasoning & analyzing aptitude
  • You also need to obtain an optimum score of 90 or more in TOEFL for entry into the PG level
  • But for UG programs score of 80 or more is sufficient
  • If you have yourself measured by means of IELTS,minimum of 6 or more is necessary for UG studies & 6.5 or more is necessary for PG studies
  • For admission to management course, you need to obtain a competitive GMAT score
  • Do bear in mind that eligibility criteria is course or college specific

Application to US college/university

  • You can apply directly by logging on to websites of respective institutions. You can also have it done by your educational consultant
  • Other than highlighting the standardized details such as name, date of birth, educational achievements- you need to enclose application fee & certificates supporting the relevant details
  • One of the most important requirements centers on the inclusion of a write-up- an essay stating your purpose behind the selection of US as a center of higher learning
  • In course of your essay you need to cite reasons as to the selection of specific academic program and college/institution relevant to it
  • Most institutions look for letters of reference in support of your educational achievements
  • It is advisable that you have yourself equipped with such letters from your academic counselors or guides helping you with applications to US college or university

Different kinds of visas for US study/ part time work

Amongst different kinds of visas for US study - F1 happens to be the most common type. Meant for academic & language based programs; students with this visa are allowed to work inside campus

J1 &M1 visas are also offered respectively to students seeking admission to vocational program and practical learning. While students of the latter variety are not allowed to work, the ones holding J1 visa are eligible to work.