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General Medicine, often known as Internal Medicine is the oldest and most established branch of medical science. A doctor specializing in General Medicine treats a wide range of non surgical conditions in adult patients. These can range from simple ailments to complex, unusual or difficult problem or if there is a diagnostic conundrum. A person specialized in General Medicine is the first person that you consult if you find something wrong with your body. A general physician has to adopt a global approach out of necessity. He does not treat a specialized ailment or a specialized part of your body. The overall management of your health is the responsibility of a general physician. He also serves as the starting point of referrals to specialists after having identified the basic problem of your health. He can carry out a variety of diagnostic tests and is trained in new procedures and treatments devised by the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that the patient gets the best possible treatment and a speedy recovery.

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Career possibilities of a specialist in General Medicine

Since it is the broadest field in medicine, the career possibilities of a general physician are huge. You can set up your own practice in a private clinic. Otherwise, there are vast numbers of openings in both private and public hospitals for general physicians. You can join as resident medical officer. However, if you finish a specialist training, you will probably be offered a higher rank.

Academics and research is another viable option for general physicians. But in such cases, it is preferred that you should complete a specialization after obtaining your degree in General Medicine. The specialization which you can opt for include gastroenterology, geriatric medicine, cardiology, respiratory medicine etc.

Approximate salary to be expected at the entry level

If you are opening your own clinic, then your income will depend on a number of factors like the patient base, your skill in broad level management of diseases and the competition. However, income in general tends to be quite respectable. Joining a public or private clinic as a salaried employee can help you command a high salary, especially if you obtain additional training and specialization.

Pre qualifications required to join the stream

If you want to specialize in General Medicine, the steps are as follows:

  • complete Your +2 Level Studies With Physics, Chemistry And Biology.
  • clear The Pre Medical Entrance Examinations And Obtain Mbbs Degree From Reputed Medical Institutes.
  • complete One And A Half Year Of Compulsory Training.
  • after You Obtain Your Registration, You Are Eligible To Set Up Shop In General Medicine. However, You Can Also Opt For Advanced Studies And Obtain Md In General Medicine Or One Of Its Sub Specializations Like Gastroenterologist, Bacteriologist, Physiologist Etc.

Best places in India to study the course

Several major institutes in India offer excellent courses in General Medicine. Some of these Colleges are

  • aarupadai Veeru Medical College (pondicherry),
  • armed Forces Medical College (pune),
  • b. R. D. Medical College (gorakhpur),
  • bangalore Medical College And Research Institute,
  • bharath University (chennai),
  • chettinad University (tamil Nadu) Etc.

Best places in World to study the course 

The top medical schools and universities of the world offer courses in General Medicine. These include

  • John Hopkins University,
  • Universities of Oxford and Cambridge,
  • Harvard University,
  • Yale,
  • Stanford,
  • Imperial College, London,
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Tokyo
  • Karolinska Institute, Sweden
  • Universities of Toronto
  • King’s college, London,
  • Cornell University, USA
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