Language and literature remains one of the most popular branches of studies among those who opt for humanities. The beauty of language has seduced great minds for ages. You can study language and literature of your own mother tongue or you can choose to specialize in foreign language. This has become a vibrant area of study. In this subject you study the intricacies of a language, how it evolved through the ages, its historic, cultural and etymological roots, its grammar and other rules and how they changed in contact with other language as well as the current condition of the language. Language is regarded as the chief and most easily identifiable yardstick of culture. Hence, study of language and literature provides a deep insight into human cultural groups.

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Career options in language and literature

When you specialize in language and literature, you have the following career options:

  • Teaching is one of the most favored professions. You can teach language in schools and colleges. You can also conduct adult education classes and foreign language courses in collaboration with specific institutes.
  • You can specialize in linguistics. Scholars of this branch deal with the intricacies, interrelationship and cultural and social aspects of language and also try to relate it to various human factors like race, migration etc.
  • People who study language and literature often opt for a career in journalism. You may take additional courses for this.
  • Another career option is literature. Novelists, poets, dramatists, biographers, documentarians etc generally have a background in literature and language. Some even opt for specialized career like screenplay writer for films from this line.
  • The publishing industry is another major venue of employment for those with a career in language and literature. You can start as a scout for literary talent and rise to work as editor at the topmost level.
  • If you have studied foreign language and literature, you can work as translator. In this capacity you can find jobs in diplomatic service, in large corporate houses and in the tourism industry as multilingual guide and tour organizer.
  • You can specialize in library science after studying language and literature and build up a career as librarian or archivist.
  • Since a degree in language and literature results in excellent communication skills, you can also opt for such careers as public speaking, public relations and event management.

Approximate salary at the entry level

As the job opportunities are wide and varied, the approximate entry level salaries also vary considerably. However, the pay is good to very good and the scope is huge.

Pre qualifications required for the course

In order to build up a career in language and literature, you will need to cross the following stages:

  • Complete your +2 level, preferably with a background in languages, humanities or liberal arts.
  • Pursue a three year undergraduate degree in the language of your choice.
  • This should be followed up by a two year post graduate degree in the language.
  • A true love for language, reading vast and varied literature and excellent communication skills are essential for a career in language and literature.

Best places in India to study the course

The top institutes for language and literature in India are as follows:

  • English and foreign language University, Hyderabad
  • Central Institute of English and foreign languages, Lucknow
  • Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi
  • H M Patel Institute of English Training and Research, Gujarat
  • Stella Maris College, Chennai

Best places in the world to study the course

The top institutes of language and literature in world are:

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Harvard University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Yale university
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