Actors Salman Khan, Sooman Kapoor during the Diwali shoot of Prem Ki Diwali for Life OK channel in Mumbai on Oct 19, 2015. Image Source: IANS

Diwali games and activities for kids.

Diwali is just around the corner and if you’re wondering what you are supposed to do and have no clue, well then, we’re here to help you !! First things first, you’ll have to take the time to read this little article to get an in-depth idea of how to properly celebrate the festival of Diwali.

And don’t worry, we aren’t going to advise you from distancing yourself from your phones, you can keep them. In fact, you’re about to enter a world of fun and will probably need to record and savor all your happy moments this Diwali. So Let’s begin !!

Do check out some easy Diwali recipes you can make right at home.

Spring Clean!!

If you’re really in the festive mood of celebrating Diwali, first begin your day with a clean -up of your room. Follow a 3D structure of clean up, namely Dig, Dispose and Dust out. First, dig out whatever you see lying around or what you’re looking for, second dispose them and third dust out the dust from the area.

Dandy looking Diyas!!

An illuminated Golden Temple on the eve of Diwali in Amritsar on Oct 29, 2016. Image Source: IANS


Set up diyas around your household, look for areas that can accommodate up to 5-6 diyas at least or more. You can even place them in open shelves after clearing out the stuff from the area. Get creative while you arrange your diyas.

Greetings !!

Try calling up all you're near and dear loved ones like family, friends, cousins, relatives, distant relatives, long lost friends, neighbors and wish them all a Happy Diwali.

Costume  !!

Star Pariwar Diwali Celebrations in Mumbai. Image Source: IANS

Diwali Costumes !!

Wear your best Diwali outfit, try using the brightest colors that’ll make you stand out in the crowd. Also, avoid darker colors, remember its the festival of lights.


Rangoli Glory!!

A woman and her child busy making 'Rangoli' on the eve of Diwali in Kolkata, on Oct 18, 2017. Image Source: Kuntal Chakrabarty/IANS

A rangoli design

You have seen it right, countless times? Make a rangoli design of your own at your place. Try making it as colorful and as big as possible. And do ask your friends to help you in the process. Get creative, don’t just try the same designs or design a rangoli just cos you have to. Instead, try something new. Add in extra colors if you like. 

The Sweets Package  !!

Diwali sweets being prepared in Chennai on Oct 24, 2016. Image Source: IANS

Diwali sweets

Get a bakery kind of box that is easy for you to carry around, and try getting as many sweets as you can from different bakeries. Now systematically arrange them inside the box in such a way that it looks presentable and pleasing to the eyes. Now the person who gets almost all the different varieties of famous Indian sweets in the box is the winner.

A Game of cards!!

If you’re not familiar with card games, don’t fret cos we don’t know much about card games either. Try going to the market and look for UNO cards. It's much more simple to understand and play and most of all its fun. Call in your friends and family members and have an UNO tournament right at your place. Winner gets the sweet box.

Merry-go Musical Chairs!!

Probably one of the best games there is to play at festivals and functions, all you need are a few chairs, a lot of people and some good music. For beginners, place the chairs in a circle, play the music and let the people walk around the chair circle. The game is all about the circling people sit ting down quickly on the chair they’re next to as soon as the music’s pause button is pressed. Eliminate one chair after each round till the game is left with 1 chair and a showdown between 2 people.

The Diwali Glow !!

College students celebrate Diwali in Chennai on Oct 28, 2016. Image Source: IANS

Happy Diwali written in diyas

Using the lit diyas, attempt to set a tiny little record among your friends by writing the words “Happy Diwali” or “Shubh Deepawali” as big as possible only using Diyas. Make sure the flame doesn’t burn out though, you don’t want to have people scratching their heads trying to decode what you just set on the floor.

Gift your siblings !!

IG BSF PS Sandhu lights the inaugural lamp of Diwali festival organised by BSF at Humhama headquarters in Srinagar on Nov.2, 2013. Image Source: IANS

Kids playing on Diwali.

It doesn’t have to be big, fancy or expensive, show your siblings the love this Diwali. Try getting them something that will make them happy if you have something in mind that you recollect them talking about getting previously, try getting them their dream gift. There is nothing greater than seeing your sibling looking at their gift in happiness and looking back at you with a shy emotional teary smile. Oh and make sure you get something special for your parents too.

Crackers !!

College students celebrate Diwali in Chennai on Oct 28, 2016. Image Source: IANS

Cracker games

For a day, you get to play - with crackers. Spin them around till the sparks burn out. Make sure you play it safe though and always keep an eye on the young kids and make sure they are at a safe distance while you light the crackers.

 Fireworks !!

People celebrate Diwali with fireworks at Salt Lake in Kolkata, on Oct. 23, 2014. Image Source: Kuntal Chakrabarty/IANS


When the fireworks start, don’t just sit at home and play on your phones, instead go outside with your friends and family and watch the fireworks as they brighten all the dull areas of the gloomy sky.